Trigger Warning - Empowering Women Outside the Narrative

Trigger Warning is a nonprofit organization for women outside the narrative. Those of us who do not fit the right boxes are often blamed for abusive experiences and labeled as problematic for having less than a perfect image. Yet lifestyle and ideology should not be seen as a determining factor for a women’s ability to grow and prosper when seeking help. Modern nonprofits and women’s activist networks far too often display a plastic form of branding that appears condescending and naive, therefore making it an obstacle for women who are the most at risk to get that help that they need. 

Whether women are sex workers or controversial personalities or hard on the edge, our goal is to provide them with community resources and trust. Whether it is stalking, sexual assault, harassment, or a domestic issue; Trigger Warning seeks to open a space for women with unique experiences to support one another.

What is the way forward for the problematic victim? Join us in our mission to empower women outside the narrative to live more fulfilling lives. Speaking out on certain issues and doing certain things might make you a target of establishment feminist organizations, so we are are providing a non-judgmental peer network for women to actively listen to one another and suspend judgments of social norms. Abuse is abuse, no matter the target.

Trigger Warning understands that we are living in not only a public age, but a surveilled age, where even our own ideas are being put on trial. We champion the voices of women who have dared to act outside of the new Victorianism. We declare that women are not one-dimensional victims, and offer counsel without reducing their minds to the scar of trauma. 

For too long, we have been plagued by symbolic help: help as long as we fit within the existing symbol and tow the right lines. Yet what about the women who know the truth? Trigger Warning invites women from all walks of life to connect with our advocates and share their stories so we can begin a new era of understanding. 

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Abuse is abuse, no matter the target.

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