€ 6,705.99



€ 16,500


Phase 1: 3250 euro for one toilet block of 4 toilets in Kampala. 

Phase 2: 3250 euro for one toilet block of 4 toilets in Jinja: 

Phase 3: 3750 euro for three family homes in Jinja of 1250 each

Phase 4: 3750 euro for three family homes in Kampala of 1250 each 

Phase 4: 2500 euro for reperation of four family homes of 625 each

Total: 16.500 euro

We believe sanitation is a basic human right!
Let's start giving a shit!

At the beginning of the year, a terrible rainstorm destroyed many community members’ homes and all local restrooms. Without proper sanitation available, many children have already begun to get sick and contract diseases such as cholera and pox. 22STARS is committed to our mission to empower families. Our goal is to raise in different phases 16,500 € to help us repair and rebuild affected homes as well as build a new public toilet for the community. 


We will make pictures and videos of the process and upon request we can make promotion material and customized thank you pictures for you that you can use for example on your business website and show to your clients! 

We completed Phase 1 and started building the toilets in Kampala! We are currenlty raising money for phase 2 for Jinja!

Thank you 

For who is interested: below the exact costs for the toilet block of Kampala. 4,000/= UGX is approx 1 euro! 

We post regular updates on our Instagram account and are registered in the Netherlands as an ANBI/PBO which is a tax-deductible public benefit organisation: calculate your benefit!

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    Please split the 8000 euro donation over the Toilet Project, The Meals Project and to pay for the medication of the sick children.


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