Tika For Euless

Tika Paudel is running for Euless City Council position No. 6 as a Council member. Tika is a hardworking citizen who has been serving the Euless, Texas community from the last fourteen years.

With an extensive experience as a teacher, he wants to bring the change desperately needed in the HEB school district. Being a successful entrepreneur himself, he believes Euless has the potential to become the economic hub of the DFW metroplex. A dedicated husband and father of two growing children, he believes in moral and ethical principles passed on from generation to generation within a family, such as loyalty, honesty, truth, and faith.

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      Donor Wall67

      Janak Raj Paudel | $251

      Ram Bhakta Poudel | $100

      keshab adhikari | $25

      All the luck in the world, all wished for Mr Tika dai.🙏🏻

      Binaya Paudyal | $50

      Wish you all the best Tikaji!!


      Dipak Thapa | $51

      I wish you very good luck to you (dai)Tika. We need you for Euless city and Euless city definitely need you.All volleyball players and lovers are with you ,from all over the world.

      Jeeva Raj Budha | $25

      Best wishes Dai

      Sahakul Khatri | $101

      Let's show our community support for Tika Paudel as he is an asset for our community. He is running for Euless City Conncil Place 6

      Suresh Neupane | $200

      Wish your victory Tika Bhinagu.

      Sudip Adhikari | $101

      This is not just running for city council, it’s a proud moment for all of the NEPALI COMMUNITY IN ABROAD. Let’s chip in so that we have enough funds to put ads at every corners and campaign for our existence in US.

      sanjeeb shrestha

      Be the Vanguard for our community!!

      Menuka Gurung | $100

      Tika For Euless ! Let’s Vote Tika !!

      Sarita KC | $100

      This is a great news indeed:). We need more of these kinds of participation in the main stream politics . All the best wishes 💐.

      Murali Adhikari | $500

      Sudip J Dhungana | $51

      All the best Tika dai! You are already winner to us. Good luck and best wishes for the election.

      Jyoti | $100

      Let’s make Tika dai winner!

      Santosh Bista | $25

      Wish you all the best Tika dai

      Suresh Pokhrel

      Wish you very very all the best Mr Poudel

      Binay Aryal

      Mr Tika is a social servant. His passion is to help others. We are so proud that he is willing to run for Euless Residents. Let’s help him win this election.

      RAM BHATTA | $51

      Mr. Tika is the best candidate for Euless City Council place 6. We believe diversity, we believe people's equal participation, So lets vote to Tika & make him winner. Give him chance to serve beautiful city Euless as city council member.

      Amar maya Lama | $51


      Arjun Banjade | $101

      Good luck Tika Ji.

      Saroj | $501

      Suraj Poudyal | $300

      All the best Tika Dai !

      Rajendra Poudel | $201

      Amit Bajaj

      All the best

      Badri Shrestha | $500

      Suman Wosti | $101

      अमेरिकामा आफ्नो संघर्षपुर्ण र दुख सुखको जीवन बिताउदै गर्दा पनी आफ्नो कम्युनिटीमा कसैलाई कुनै समस्या पर्यो भने रात दिन नभनी, बेफुर्सद, थकाइ कुनै कुराको पर्वाह नगरी, नाता गोता, नजिक टाढा नभनी कुनै पनि बेला उपलब्ध हुने उदार हृदय भएका नेपाली अमेरिकनको नाम हो टिका पौडेल ! वहाँले मलाई पनि जीवनमा भुल्न नसक्ने गुन लाउनु भएको छ ! वहाँ संग मेरो कुनै रगतको नाता सम्बन्ध छैन तर वहाँ मेरा लागी प्रेरणाका श्रोत हुनुहुन्छ, वहाँ जस्तो मान्छे कम्युनिटिमा सेवा गर्न आउनु हाम्रो लागी पनि गर्बको कुरा हो, टिका दाइको सिटि मा उपस्थिति हुनु भनेको हामी सबैको प्रतिनिधित्व हुनु हो ! त्यसैले म टिका दाइको यो अभियानलाई सफल बनाउन अमेरिका बासी सम्पूर्ण एन आर एन दाजु भाइ दिदि बहिनीहरुलाई आ आफ्नो इक्षा अनुसार धेरै थोरै जति सकिन्छ डोनेसन दिनु हुन र खास गरी Euless टेक्सासमा बस्ने नेपाली दाजु भाई दिदि बहिनिहरुलाई टिका दाइ लाइ तन, मन र धनले सहयोग गरि आज सम्म वहाले हाम्रो समाजलाई लगाउनु भएको गुनलाइ सम्मान गरिदिनु हुन बिनम्र अनुरोध गर्दछु ! जय नेपाल, जय अमेरिका !

      bikash | $101

      Good luck for Euless city council place 6

      Ravi Joshi | $111