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      Dear Friends, 

      I’ve been thinking about breathing lately. We encounter so many different types of breathing everyday. Sometimes it’s joyful: a quick inhale and smile when a trans person sees themself in the mirror for the first time. Sometimes it’s healing: wheezes when you are half-laughing, half-crying after sharing with your support group. Sometimes hard, like jogging with a binder on. Sometimes painful, like the shuddering gasps of grief. For many, it means safety and the deep sigh at the beginning of any trans-only event, when everyone lets down their guard.

      Keeping people breathing is so much of what we do here at MaineTransNet. With record rates of violence, poverty, and homelessness, trans people are told every day that we’re a waste of oxygen. We believe that we do deserve to exist and succeed, and we prove that to each other each time we invest ourselves, time, money, and love into this community we’ve forged together. 

      We continue to grow in our work everyday. In 2016, we had over 2000 people come through our programs, double that of 2015. In 2017, we are on course to double that again. Day in and day out, we’re supporting and empowering trans people to create a world where we can thrive. To reach more people with our programs, we rely on a steady stream of reliable support from our Monthly Giving Program.

      Organizations, like people, require a constant flow of oxygen to keep on going. I’m writing to you to ask if you will give MaineTransNet that dearly needed, steady flow of support so that we in turn can give our members some room to breathe.

      Here’s how it works: You select an amount of money you feel able to give each month. Five, ten, fifteen dollars- every penny counts- and then we take that much money out of your account each month. At the end of the year, you’ll get a letter from us, thanking you for your support, and telling you how much you gave over the course of the year. MaineTransNet is a 501(c)(3) organization, and this donation is tax deductible.

      Thanks for your continued support of our work.


      Quinn Gormley