The People's Pantry: COVID-19 Emergency Meal Fund

We are The People’s Pantry: a grassroots initiative dedicated to safely providing and delivering free home cooked meals and groceries to food insecure families across Toronto/The Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area and beyond, and we need your help!

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a handful of QT/BPOC graduate students from UofT and York University began providing free hot meals and groceries to vulnerable individuals and families across the GTHA. We have since banded together to form The People’s Pantry. We connect with those who are struggling financially or are otherwise unable to provide sufficient food for themselves and their family. We assemble grocery “care packages”, provide home-cooked meals, and deliver the food 100% free of charge, no questions asked, no fixed address required.

Over the last two years, we have managed to assist more than 25,000 food insecure families across Toronto and the GTHA! But, in the wake of the economic devastation caused by the pandemic, coupled with the fact that Southern Ontario has struggled with food insecurity well before COVID-19 due to white supremacy, racial capitalism, cis-heteropatriarchy, settler colonialism, and the many other systems of oppression that constitute our society, the demand for food support is ever-increasing. Here’s where you come in: in order to continue uplifting members of our communities, we need your help.

We are requesting donations to support our initiative. 100% of donations will go directly toward the needs of the project, including:

1. To buy groceries for food insecure families and people across the GTHA/Southern Ontario

2. To subsidize the purchasing of food and ingredients needed to prepare home-cooked meals

3. To buy supplies needed for our volunteers, such as PPE and food containers for meals, and to occasionally provide small volunteer thank you gifts.

Should donations exceed the scope or longevity of our project, all remaining funds will be donated to another local mutual aid project or community group.

In solidarity,
The People’s Pantry

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As a hundred percent grassroots, hundred percent volunteer based mutual aid project, we depend solely on donations from the community to stay afloat. We have no government or external support - outside of the community. We are literally sustained by your care and generosity!

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