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Let's make The Majority into Scotland's No. 1 anti-Nationalist media. Please pledge a monthly or one-time donation so we can fight stronger for you in 2021.

Thank you, Mark Devlin, Publisher

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Donor Wall91

JAS | £21

Scotland needs rid of this despicable nationalist cancer that has blighted us for far too long. Keep up the good work!

Ross Wilson | £10.61/M

Anonymous | £10.61

JOHN | £10.60

Grant Hill | £104.06

The general public need to be made aware, the MSM should be ashamed of the themselves!! They have sold out Scotland !

Ian McDonald

William | £31.38

I'm English with a Scottish grandfather who was from Glasgow. I'd be absolutely gutted if Scotland left the UK. Please keep up the fight. Thank you.

Phil | £21

Every Nationalist movement in the world needs victimhood to succeed; and to manufacture it if it doesn't exist. The SNP is expert at implying that Scotland is exploited. There is exploitation in the UK but it's called the class system - not Scotland vs. England like a football match!

John B | £1/M

Here's a quarter. Go downtown and buy a rat to chew that chip aff yer shoulder.

Sally | £104.07

Let's get the corrupt Snp out. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous | £10/M

I am so ashamed of what my country has been turned into by the lying, corrupt SNP.

Sheila | £15.80/M


As an English resident and widower of my late Scottish wife of 47 years, I love Scotland but hate the corrupt SNP and especially Sturgeon.

John | £10.61

Scottish National party with cheats & liars like Sturgeon has no future at all ,

Anonymous | £104.07

Splendid work Get the message across

Derek | £10/M

Keep up the good work.

Paul Besly | £20.99

Its strange the SNP did not demand another referendum when there was a substantial change. I'm not referring to Brexit but to when their oil-price-based finance strategy was shown to be complete fiction - 6 months after the 2014 referendum

Adrian | £10.61

Katherine | £21

Thank you for this initiative and your energy. The majority has been silent for too long, allowing the noisy Nats to overwhelm the media and dupe the world into thinking they represent Scottish voters.

Jason Robb | £10

One Union, One Love

Don Patterson | £40

keep going, scotland deserves better!

Anonymous | £52.15

Keep going!

Anonymous | £100

Keep up the good work.

Sue | £25

Well done for providing a voice for all of us who abhor nationalism of any stripe.

Claire | £41.77

Anonymous | £21

Keep fighting the good fight.

Ian Evans | £40

Matthew | £10.61

2 fingers up to the crook that is Sturgeon

Alex | £41.77

At last the chance to counter Nationalist lies and propaganda

Alan | £21

Brilliant work with the plane banner.