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First off, I want to thank you personally for being here and spending your valuable time and attention focused on the soul force. What an exciting spiritual journey we’re on together! It brings me great joy to create and share this content with everyone so that we can collectively grow and realize the spiritual potentials waiting to be experienced through our own lived actions.

As spiritual beings having this human experience, we are all entitled to our own spiritual autonomy. Through a process of self-analysis and deep inner looking, combined with the power of direct spiritual revelation, we may come to know ourselves and our true spiritual nature clearly and undeniably. No one outside ourselves can tell us who to be in life or how to be it. Our union with our divine creator and the process of living our highest truth is our own process to attend to.

With that said, it is my sincerest desire to keep this platform free for everyone, always, and without commercials or advertisements. This needs to be a safe energetic space to open up and explore the depths of self and spirituality. Economic factors should never be a barrier to accessing knowledge, wisdom and insight that has been around since the dawn of humanity’s spiritual awareness. We all have a right to reclaiming our personal spiritual power and unleashing the divine truth within us, regardless of worldly social status or lack thereof.

It is my intention to continually create and cultivate new, expansive, high quality content and resources here on The Soul Force platform to help empower people. Providing professional quality film production, creating custom meditation downloads and maintaining this website all require the time, resources and the talent of many collaborative partners committed to the mission of helping people be an empowered force for peace, love and compassion out in the world.

If you feel moved by the mission, if the content has helped you in anyway or if you simply want to help support independent artists and seekers creating positive content, you are more than welcome to make a donation that will go toward keeping this platform growing and expanding. There is absolutely zero obligation to do this. 

If in your heart you feel compelled to give, then please give. If not, I hope you get something from your time here and put it to use as a force for good in the world! Thank you for your interest and for supporting the great collective work so many people are doing within themselves and across the world.



Author, Awakening Soul Force

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