A Ship Of Dreams

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Sail into History with Louis Tillett and 

the National Film and Sound Archives.

You too, can become a part of Australian 

Music History by contributing to the 

"Living Archive" of the 

music and story of Louis Tillett, while

he undertakes new projects

to stay afloat, and achieve the goals

of his mission....

His entire body of work is being 

actively collected, preserved 

and collated, and is awaiting the 

curation and presentation

in Canberra, Australia.

Before this can happen, the material must be digitized, while 

still preserving the delicate source material.

This is an ongoing process that requires ongoing funding. 

Although Louis has been identified as a "Priority Heritage Artist of

Cultural Significance", the resources and funding,

of the NFSA are limited. And this is where your philanthropy is important. 

As often stated before, this website is the portal between you and 

this ongoing project. And it will, ultimately, itself be donated to the

NFSA. But even a website such as this, costs money to maintain, 

and to upgrade as and when required. 

If you donate now, you can help expedite the Mission of

the National Film and Sound Archives. Together, we have already

managed to build an important and rare archive of

Master Tapes, Press, Photos, Videos and other source material.

And of course - this website is significant, in how much we have been 

able to source from the public, much of which was thought to be lost. 

And to celebrate, at it's launch - we shared ALL the music and content

for free, as promised to our donors.

But the job is incomplete, hence our need to commercialize, to a small 

extent, the Music. Hence our move to release everything on Digital 

Platforms elsewhere, and include a SHOP here, now.

Ultimately, this was to introduce the music to new audiences, 

through a worldwide release, giving greater access to the archive. 

So please help us in this partnership with the National Film and 

Sound Archives of Australia - which was always agreed to

be a Permanent Public record - that would require Private funding

to achieve it's Mission.   

For more information about this project:

Please visit the MISSION page on the website.

If you wish to make a serious one off tax-deductible

donation or in-kind service to assist these goals

please contact Louis directly

at [email protected] where

you can discuss it further with him.

Whether it be by Land or Sea, the journey and 

the story of Louis Tillett continues to evolve. 

The swell, rises and falls. 

The winds carry us hither and thither. 

The tides, drawn by the Moon and the Sun, 

the Earth and the Universe are ever-changing. 

Everything experiences constant change.  

None are immune. 

If you would like to become a Patron, 

and keep the "Ship of Dreams" afloat, 

you may like to make a one off donation, 

or a recurring donation. In return, we will send you 

links to the album or albums of your choice. 

This is not a fixed reward system. 

It is about whatever you can afford and 

whatever brings you satisfaction. 

But we are more than happy to reward you 

in whatever way is possible. 

A small recap on the Journey (since 2015).

Many of the outcomes below were only made 

possible due to Crowdfunding, and Social Media,

and Direct Support through Campaigns such

as this Donorbox platform. So, at the outset,

please accept Louis' heartfelt appreciation, for 

enabling him to achieve the following:

This year Louis has launched his 

Entire Catalog on various key Digital Platforms. 

He has also been able to not only Debut 

"The Art of Darkness" (in 2015), 

but to stage it again (in 2017), 

and both times, in front of great 

numbers of appreciative audiences. 

It is now an established line-up, with the promise of

future concerts a viable option.

He also now has plans for other combos, 

and collaborations, as a vehicle for his 

Live and Recorded Music.

And very much thanks to your support,

he has been able to continue to host 

www.louistillettmusic.com, for the purposes of

his project with the National Film and Sound Archives.

And he has since launched www.louistillett.com as his 

International "Splash" page, to link to the many blogs

around the world who have referenced this site, 

from it's earliest appearances, from web authors, past.

He is now creatively free to move on to new works.

Now, as Louis writes a New Album, and records an Audio Book

he will be Sailing, on a boat that has become his new home. 

And he will also be attempting to cover as much ground as possible, 

by performing at Festivals, Concerts, and even Invite Only 

Parlor Gigs over 2018 and 2019.

You can stay abreast of his movements 

by Subscribing to his website. 

You can also become an active Patron, 

and come aboard "The Ship of Dreams" - 

by following his adventure through active posts at 


But if you want to really put the

wind in his sails, 

and fuel in his tanks,

your donation here would be most welcome 

and helpful at this important

stage of the next part of his journey. 

We will send you a receipt and email in return. 

And we are more than happy to send you MP3, M4A or FLAC files - 

for any of his albums, and videos. 

And we are open to other ideas too. 

Any general enquiries can be directed 

to [email protected]

There are no Goods or Services provided in return for Money. This is a gift from the Donor. And in return, and gifts offered by Louis Tillett, are voluntary, not contractual or commercial in nature.

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