The Next Episode

SP launched in 2015 with no audience and less credibility. 

The aim? To help people have better conversations about politics. Better informed, more respectful, more tolerant. 

Since then we've gathered over 1.1m followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

In 2020, everything changed for us. After years of Brexit and General Elections, it was with Covid. People came to us looking for help, support, and guidance.. 

The worst of those horrors are, I hope, deep in the rearview mirror. It's 2022 and the world has moved on.

We couldn't be more excited to see what the next episode holds for SP and the SP community.


We love what we do. We willingly give it away for free. There would be little point to any of it otherwise.

That's not a terribly brilliant business model. We do have costs to meet.

Lord Sugar would not approve. The Dragons would be 'out'. 

Except. The SP Community are amazing. 

If you've found us useful, if you value the work we do (and have the available funds!), please do consider chipping in.

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