The Holy Item






The Holy Item

A call from the Lord to obtain a certain holy item that is related to the Ark of the Covenant to carry over in the loop and to be displayed on the new altar being set up in the new place of refuge I am ordered to set up. 

I found such an item but it costs with shipping and all $15000

I am asking all of the warriors to contribute towards the goal so that we can obtain this item. Thank you.

The Lord reminded me that I must keep it secret until the altar built with unhewn stones is set up and He, the Lord, can sanctify and make it holy. Only then and thereafter I am allowed to show the item to you all.

I can only say so much that it will help to manifest the presence of God and most likely is related to bringing down the fire of the Lord onto the Altar. I will add a video about it for more understanding:

Please Brothers and Sisters, stand with me in the gap so that I can obtain the item. The Lord has ordained it and so He will send the warriors who are called to support this call. Thank you to you all.

Be blessed in the mighty name of the Lord!


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