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    The Future Is Beautiful is all made with so much love and care, hours of work each week. It's free to listen to so there are no barriers to this information, but it costs money to produce. We rely on you, members of our community, being a patron of what we do, so we can disrupt the model, stay advertising free and independent - not be tied into a funding model that compromises what we create.

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    Beautiful hosting. Deeply connected guests. Transformative listening. In gratitude.

    Jessica McQuade | £15.75/M

    This is a wonderful podcast that I feel across and felt that it came to me at exactly the right time. Each episode I am not only inspired but hear my own voice raising up and remembering what I already knew. Thank you.


    The Future is Beautiful podcast is a continuous source of inspiration and hope


    I've listened to just a few of these podcasts now and found them all to have a profound effect on me. It feels like each one of them, I listened to just when I needed it, with certain messages or bits of wisdom so relevant, or opportunities shown just in the right moment. I'm looking forward to delving into more! And just want to express my gratitude. Thankyou.


    This is a very inspiring initiative !


    Thank you!!

    Christina | £5.41/M

    Thank you Amisha! I've been waiting for this podcast for a long time.


    Co-creating the beautiful world!

    The Story Catchers | £52

    I fell in love with this podcast the first time I listened in - I look forward to the adventure of listening, learning, feeding my soul and connecting to this amazing community - thank you for being you

    Tova | $33.44

    I'm inspired and impressed with the conversations and compassion in dealing with so many of our urgent and important situations we are dealing with now.

    Aga.Yoga.Art | £5.55/M

    Inspiration, strength, beauty, connection and deep feeling of belonging, constant learning and unpacking - deep gratitude to the beauty you are creating.

    Deniselé Gail Montañez Patron | $21.01/M

    Thank you for fueling my Spirit. Thank you for sharing your intuition, feelings, wisdom, knowledge, discernment, joy, truth, and LIGHT. Thank you for positively shifting the narrative of LIFE in this Wild Mystical World of abundance we share. Thank you for shining BRIGHT to give us the courage to take collective action towards manifesting a beautiful future for All Spiritual Beings here on Mother Earth.

    Annie | £7/M

    Thank you for feeding my soul, passion, courage, compassion and curiosity each week


    Thanks for the inspiration and leadership

    Cathy Eastburn | £5/M

    So happy to have found your podcast, Amisha! I love your nuanced insistence on “creating beauty” in full recognition of the mess we’re in, the collapse/unravelling that is underway, and the very real existential threats we all face. Thank you for your very beautiful offerings!

    Amanda Ellen Sparshott Steedman | £10

    Thanks so much for this informative, uplifting and inspiring podcast.

    Amy Mason | £5.42/M

    I have been an avid listener to your podcast for some time and find it to be inspiring, validating and grounding. I am delighted to now be earning money again (after a couple of years of immersing myself into learning about regenerative agriculture, unpaid), meaning I can finally contribute. Thank you for all that you do, and for keeping it free so that I (and many other like me I'm sure) was able to listen while living a low-wealth life. I fully hear what a labour of love this project is, and really appreciate all that you put into it. Thank you.

    Rebecca Gauci

    Susan Harley | £5.42/M

    Delighted to support Amisha and her wonderful uplifting, informative podcasts

    Georgina Stevens | £10/M

    This is a wonderful podcast thank you so much!

    lucile Yaney | £112.04

    Maxime Longden | £20/M

    I have been listening to The Future is Beautiful for about two years and the podcast has been a voice of truth and hope when I have felt lost and hopeless. I am so glad I can finally contribute to this project, for which I have deep gratitude and believe has a leading role in shaping a future we actually want. Thank you Amisha, it has meant so much to me to have your voice in my life. The influence of your excitement, vulnerabilities and conversations about what it means to be alive now has given me hope and lead by the example of your truly alive presence.

    Fabian | $10/M

    Love what you're doing!

    Nadav | £3.69

    There is a very very early project you should keep your eye on called Digital Native Academic “DNA” Credits which offer a basic income to high school students that learn to master their attention through practices like meditation. has some early information although the full team working on this does not yet have an actual online presence.


    Constantly touching my heart and soul deeply.

    Charlie Robinson | £5/M

    Brilliant, life affirming interviews.

    Becky Burchell | £5.42/M