The Canid Project New Fox Enclosure!

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      We are gearing up to get a new larger enclosure for the foxes that come into our care for rescue, rehabilitation, and release. The new enclosure will be:

      •  15" by 20"
      • Have a proper sloped roof with heavy duty tarp to keep out the elements
      • Different substrates throughout (natural grass, sand and dirt for digging, and platform areas)
      • Perches and fox ladders
      • Raised den
      • A small pond
      • Enrichment areas
      • The ability to be divided into two enclosures
      • A Keeper Area (AKA Sally Port) for extra security

      Our orphaned fox kits are currently housed in a 9" x 6" enclosure that is specially designed for fox kits at young ages.  We have no current overflow enclosure or an enclosure to transition them to as they grow, the couple of months before release. 

      The cost for all materials is coming to an estimate of approximately $3000.  

      We would like to have this enclosure built by May 30, 2018!

      Please visit The Canid Project website for more info on our organization!