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The Art of Liberty Foundation, publisher of "Government" - The Biggest Scam in History... Exposed! and Plandemic – Covid 19 is a Scam, A Multi-Trillion Dollar Bank Robbery and Economic Warfare Against the Population by Organized Crime Interests in “Government” on Wall Street, and in the Media,  is raising the final $30,000 of a $100,000K seed round of funding to create a start up public policy organization focused on exposing our existing "political" problems as inter-generational organized crime controlling the "government" and media from a principled voluntaryist libertarian perspective.  The ultimate goal is an effort we call: The Pre-State Project which would drop 100,000 copies of "Government" - The Biggest Scam, an upcoming companion book: Voluntaryism - How Real Freedom Leads to Harmony and Prosperity for All (printed upside down where the back cover of "Government" is the front cover of Voluntaryism as a "Swiss-flip"), The Plandemic expose, Liberator flash drives, and a DVD of the vaccine-safety documentary Vaxxed in a single state supported by town hall meetings.  The goal is to widely expose organized crime's control of "government" and their media propaganda system in a single State in an effort that would be impossible to ignore, garner millions in "earned media', and ultimately lead to either a peaceful secession or wide-spread Gandhi/Martin Luther King-esque civil disobedience and tax non-compliance and creation of a true "Free State" and laboratory for transitioning from government monopoly services to free-market alternatives.  After and concurrently with the $30,000 seed round we are raising a $650K "A" Round that would include a $150K 12,000 copy test mailing and town hall campaign in a single community in New Hampshire.  Please read our entire Executive Summary Here: 

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