The Art of Falling II - From Falling to Dynamic Stability

In this workshop, we’ll continue to explore more aspects of the Art of Falling and its connection to Dynamic Stability in our action.

Feldenkrais used basic physics to explain balance and stability: “In physics one distinguishes two kinds of balance: stable balance and unstable balance. The typical trend for unstable balance is to transform itself into stable balance as soon as it is broken.” (A.B.C. Du JUDO, 1938)

Some years later Feldenkrais gave us the clue that the Art of Falling and Dynamic Stability actually complete one another: “…therefore, by teaching the art of falling properly, we further the person's maturity towards a more adult independence of the gravitational force.” (Higher Judo, 1948).  


Thus the transformation to stable balance could be the Falling action, or changing our position to regain balance using Dynamic Stability.

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