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Textillia needs YOUR help! Read our blog post for more details. All donations go toward:

  • Covering the costs of running Textillia, which until now we've been funding ourselves - web hosting, and the other tools we use to run the site.
  • Allowing Bruno to dedicate himself to building Textillia FULL TIME which means more Textillia, way faster!!!
  • Hiring another developer to help out, especially with implementing Groups.
  • Paying community members to write special articles for our blog.
  • Getting help with administrative tasks like content management and and outreach to businesses.

Every dollar helps, and we appreciate it so, so much!

Your donation to Textillia Sewing Community Ltd. is voluntary, and is independent of any future community membership fees. The money donated will be used to help fund building and running (Note: Textillia is not a charitable or non-profit organization, and your receipt may not be used for income tax deductions.) Your address is being collected solely for billing purposes and inquiries related to your donation, and will not be sold or shared with any third parties or used for marketing purposes.