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Wild Lions! There's nothing quite like them on earth

Marnus posted on Facebook...

"There is nothing in life that I love more than searching each day for that one lion. That one truly wild and free animal that few ever see. It can take days, weeks even months to find the one but so worth it at the end.
I enjoy the actual tracking and work going into finding the lion more than actually seeing them. That a bit weird? Possibly; however without passion it makes life and your job a lot harder. Luckily I have more passion for what I do than brains.
This lion (photo below) is wild and free, free to come and go and free to make decisions that are seldom triggered by human presence. True WILD LIONS will choose whether they want you to see them or not, and that is what makes working with wild lions so special.........YOU NEVER KNOW."

Such Beauty! Such Majesty! Such Danger?

Most of us have seen a lion in a zoo. Or maybe we've been lucky enough to see them on a game drive during an African Safari. We may have been privileged to watch this amazing creature sit high up on a rock, or laze in the bush, undisturbed by our presence. The sense of awe is remarkable... being in the presence of a lion can almost take your breath away. However, Marnus tells us there's nothing quite like a truly wild lion. The one that is watching, while we don't even know she's there. the one who lives truly free unencumbered by human activity. Sadly, this scenario for lions is in great jeopardy.

This is where the tents come in...

  What Wild Lions are up Against  

When we think of animal poaching we typically don’t think "lions". Sadly, since 2014 lions have joined rhino, elephants and the harmless pangolin on the dangerous Wildlife Poaching List.   

Africa’s lions are being poached for their teeth and claws… their bones and their tawny skins. The demand is primarily in Asia, but the USA and Europe are not innocent when it comes to craving lion body parts. With lion populations losing ground and some predicting they could be extinct by 2050 we have no time to lose.

From Marnus...

"75% Natural Habitat loss during the last 50 years.......
48 % population decline in only 20 years......yes you read that right.
In reality, there is no actual competition between lions and people for resources and land use as the human race will always have the last say, last action and come out favourites. 
As soon as any lion population remotely begins to indicate a come back, it is seen as an opportunity by humans yet again to exploit a species on the verge of collapse. 20 years in one persons lifetime is a lot, but multiple lifetimes together it is only but a grain in sand. A grain that we as a generation and society are responsible for.
They say that knowledge is power yet we lack the understanding of what to do with it at times. Leave this planet making a positive impact for nature and the future generation, and by doing so, it most likely would mean you yourself will need to make small or big personal sacrifices that will not always be what you wanted. 
We want this, need that but do we really? And what about the rest of the planet? 
Our actions truly define us as individuals."

Marnus is a Man of Action

On any given day, rain, wind or blistering sun you can find Marnus and his team of Lion Rangers deep in the bush of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park (encompassing protected areas from Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa.)

They spend days and nights in the bush monitoring lions and looking for signs of poachers. As you can imagine, this is grueling work. The African bush can be thick and dense and difficult to traverse on foot…even with a decent 4x4. At times it is sweltering hot and swarming with insects. Other times desperately dry and dusty. Layer on top of these physical discomforts the constant vigilance for poachers and lions… both potentially life threatening. And you have the epitome of life on the edge.

Tents to Protect Wild Lions

To make this arduous job a bit easier for Marnus’ Lion Rangers we’re seeking donations for six tents. These tents will help them get a better night’s sleep and keep them safer from stinging insects and snakes. Our plan is to buy these tents and hand deliver them to Marnus and his rangers when we (Margrit and Russ with Nikela) return to South Africa by mid-2021.

From Neville, one of our Champions (donors) 

"What a fantastic idea! These anti-poaching rangers are true heroes."

These tents must be durable as well as light enough to carry in a back pack. From our research one tent will cost around $194. Multiple that by six and you get $1,164. This only takes you and 99 others giving $11.64 each for us to help out. (100% of your donation goes to help.) 

Update: We started collecting funds to buy six tents for his lion rangers back in March. At that time we were planning to return to Africa by May. Well, due to COVID we postponed till mid-July. Once again because of a spike (and political unrest) we rescheduled our flights to mid-September. Needless to say, Marnus and his Lion Rangers situation has changed.

As of August 31st, 2021 we are going to hand deliver the following items to Marnus and his team the latter part of September.

  • 2 tents and mattresses
  • 2 backpacks fully equipped 
  • 6 water-bags
  • 3 solar lanterns
  • 7 small folding chairs

What You Get...

When you participate in this grand adventure (by donating) you'll be updated with stories and videos of our time in the bush with Marnus and his team of Lion Rangers. Having spent two other times in the bush with Marnus (Namibia and Botswana) we know this will be one crazy adventure among the lions. You won't want to miss it. 

Make a comfortable donation and join Marnus in his quest to protect the wild lions.

Sarah donated $50 and said,

"Keep up the great work...hope this helps the Rangers continue their vital role."

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    Donor Wall6

    Clive Thompson | A$518.02

    Made on behalf of the Discovery Wilderness Trust and the Ju/’hoansi indigenous Master Trackers of Namibia, who have worked with Marnus before and who look forward to working with him again.

    Neville | $12.36

    What a fantastic idea. These anti-poaching rangers are true heroes.

    Sher Housholder

    Thank you for the work that you do. Every life saved is a treasure for the future.

    Jackie Dee | $52.07

    Thank you for helping wildlife. Mankind has destroyed their homes, they need our help.


    Never give Up !

    Lesley Fishwick | £10.58

    Sorry it not huge amount, I will share post to hopefully get more donations to a great cause . Stay safe🙏