Suzanne Sharer For Arizona State Senator

I love Arizona and our amazing country. It’s why I decided to run for the Arizona State Senate and to protect you and our families by keeping Arizona strong, safe and united.

I want to be your voice that helps shape Arizona’s future. We are welcoming over 200 new residents to Arizona daily and for the 3rd consecutive year, Maricopa County has been the fastest-growing county in the Nation. As a licensed real estate professional in Arizona for the last 24 years I can tell you that with this kind of incredible growth, we not only need leaders who understand the logistics of such an influx but we also need strong leaders such as myself who will uphold and be true to Arizona’s core values of following the Constitutions of our state and country, respect the rights of the individual, enforce our  rule of law by supporting our police, border agents and first responders and share a passion to build opportunities that will provide all Arizonan’s the opportunity to thrive.

As your Senator I will work to eliminate excessive government interference in our lives and fight for common sense, transparency and legislative restraint to prevail.  1,098 unnecessary regulations have been eliminated under our Republican leadership over the last few years and I believe we can find more.  Over-regulation is the death knell of prosperity, freedom, and opportunity. To see just how bad over-regulation can be all we need do is to look at our neighbors to the west in California. These leftist politicians have over-regulated themselves into countless problems including the current housing disaster leaving them with more than half the nation’s homeless population on their streets. While we welcome and embrace Californians to our state, we should not embrace their failed policies that have driven them out.

 Arizona is now ranked #2 Nationally in job growth as a state, with 300,000 new jobs since 2015. Long gone are the days of relying on just the 5 C’s of Arizona (Copper, Climate, Cattle, Citrus, and Cotton) that once fueled Arizona’s economy. Today with our business-friendly environment we are attracting the nation’s top employers and educators  to our State that can best prepare and provide our citizens with jobs in industries such as technology and innovation, aerospace, defense, bioscience, health care, film and digital media just to name a few that will carry us into the future.  

I believe it is now more important than ever to promote and support business and education-friendly policies that will continue to entice these top employers and educators to our doorstep which allows us more opportunities for all Arizonans to flourish.

It was recently reported that Arizona schools are some of the fasted improving around. While this is good news, I feel the improvement needs to happen much faster. I was raised in public schools and three of my children went through Kyrene Schools so I am no stranger to the public school system. I am a firm believer in supporting them. I also believe our first responsibility is to ensure we always do what is in the best interest of our students followed by making sure we take care of our teachers. We want to attract and keep the brightest and most talented teachers by making sure they get the pay and benefits they deserve. This is why I believe in school choice. When there is a choice there is competition and where is competition you get excellence. Our children deserve excellence in education and the same opportunities for success should be available to all regardless of their parent’s financial status.

Being born and raised in Arizona I could not think of a better place to have called home to raise my three children and with the recent addition of my first grandchild, we are now a 3rd generation Arizona family. I cannot think of a higher honor than to represent you and your family, my extended Arizona family. I humbly ask for your support so I can help us all to flourish by making Arizona Safer, stronger and more united.

Contribution Limits: Individuals can contribute up to $5,100 in the entire election cycle. Contributions by corporations are prohibited. Contributions are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes. By federal law, only U.S. citizens or those lawfully admitted for permanent residence may contribute.

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      Donor Wall40

      David | $10

      Good luck Suzanne!

      Dwight Kadar | $3,000

      You're a true Christian Constitutional Conservative. A Conservative Republican Revival in the Arizona State Legislature starts with YOU!

      Gordon Shoen | $40

      Hang in there Babe, Trump will win beyond the cheating, help is on the way.

      Catherine | $20

      #SchoolChoice, thank you for supporting teachers.

      Gordon Shoen | $40

      You tell people when you go to the dentist. OMG, you are so beautiful !

      David Safier | $10

      Gordon Shoen | $40

      Suzanne is blonde_and_smart. She is a leader, not a follower.

      Gordon Shoen | $40

      I pray for you 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏 every day. You da Best !

      Michael Schroeder | $1,000

      Sedona is behind you!

      Gordon Shoen | $60

      Transportation Costs, keep some fuel receipts !

      Gordon Shoen | $40

      Greg Zotta | $25

      Keep up the good work. Good luck on your race.

      Gordon Shoen | $40

      Keep up the good work !

      Michael Berge | $100

      John Kennedy

      love this very qualified Patriot, God speed Suzanne Sharer.

      Christopher Larsen | $10

      You have been one of my best friends for nearly a decade. I wanted to help out any way I can so you can win in November!

      John Beuerlein

      It doesn’t matter that you are in a different district than me. We need conservative voices such as yours in our state. It’s no surprise that a former high school classmate is in a leadership position! Your strength is inspiring. Good luck and God Bless Suzanne. John & Wendy

      Judy | $250

      Edward | $25

      I am not from Arizona but I would like to see you win! You are one of us!

      Gordon Shoen | $40

      Steve Pierce

      I met you with Dodie Londen. Got Sals letter too. Get after it and good luck!

      David | $60

      You Go girl! Kick some butt!

      Michael Rogers | $60

      Fund raiser @ C2 tactical

      Jeffrey | $250

      Edward | $25

      Bob Moore | $100

      Dale | $50

      May God's Will put YOU in our AZ Senate! God Knows we need some Intelligent Common Sense Patriots to counter the Leftist Agenda currently destroying our State! Kick Some Libtard's Butt!

      Gordon Shoen | $40

      Rick Stanton | $20

      Gordon Shoen | $40