Help us educate and empower the new generation of climate leaders through a global network devoted to solving the climate crisis! 


YCL is motivated by an intimate understanding of the ways in which young people continue to face impediments in attaining meaningful and rewarding work that positions them to shape climate solutions. To address these gaps, YCL is building structures to support members in finding employment through their participation in YCL programming, while increasing the number of climate leaders working together to contribute to systemic change.

After they are aware of the climate crisis and get the right skills to act, young people still lack funding, networks, and legitimacy to have a tangible contribution within current structures. As organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the climate crisis, those at the forefront are also struggling to hire skilled young professionals who will bring the fresh perspectives and resources needed to boost their climate projects. Therefore, YCL was created to bridge this gap and support youth to find jobs and opportunities aligned with their purpose, and organizations to hire young talents who are willing to dedicate their lives to finding solutions to the climate crisis.

Your collaboration is essential to ensure the diversity of our membership and to galvanize our systemic impact as a global network!

Testimonials from participants that received Scholarships from YCL thanks to the support of donations:

As a young, low-income young black person, being sponsored by YCL was tremendous to boost my expertise in climate change, in particular, social and climate justice, climate litigation and environmental racism. This opportunity gave me access to the YCL Network. YCL  also aims to democratize their spaces by increasing representation of black and low-income people, therefore it deserves full support and visibility in their actions.

Danilo Farias, from Brazil (YCL Brazil Course 2019)

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I was truly honored to have been chosen as one of the recipients of the YCL immersion program scholarship. Working in the field of climate change before this immersion still seemed like a far-fetched dream, but thanks to this immersion, YCL has given me the foundation that I was seeking - the inputs from experts and practitioners actually working in the field, the ongoing support from a worldwide network who have now become a part of what I like to call my extended global family, and the motivation to continue pursuing this fascinating and rewarding career in the fight against climate change. I can’t thank YCL enough, and I look forward to seeing where this given opportunity will lead me!

Sibu Szymanowska, from Poland (YCL 2019 Immersion to Germany)

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I came to YCL being very curious and motivated to be part of the change. I came out with a sense of belonging and direction. Back in my community, I feel confident and supported in my actions and more comfortable taking risks and putting myself out there. I also feel like I know what is going on in the world in terms of climate change, and how hard some people are working for the future of our planet and species. I no longer feel scared about climate change, I feel hopeful, curious, and determined to work towards sustaining life wherever I can. Thank you, YCL! 😊

Gereon Fju Mewes, from Germany (YCL 2019 Immersion to Germany)

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#YCL2019Immersion was the most intellectually stimulating and emotionally gratifying experience to date. YCL gave me a platform to interact with the future climate leaders from around the globe which not only opened a new dimension in me regarding climate change but also equipped with the right tools and techniques. Besides, the exposure visits to various foundations, institutes, corporates, research labs have endured new hope to combat climate change in an innovative manner. Sincere Gratitude to the dedicated YCL Team to provide me a scholarship for the program, without which it wouldn't be possible for me to be part of this great learning experience.

 Manoj Kumar, from India (YCL 2019 Immersion to Germany)

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I consider myself lucky to be part of the youth climate leaders' immersion. My participation in the YCL 2019 Immersion allowed me to enrich and develop new skills in sustainable science, to debate about solutions related to climate change, to learn more about energy challenges and their relationship to economy and society. I appreciate having the opportunity to get exclusive access to the country’s research landscape, to develop new knowledge, techniques, therefore to learn more about climate protection projects on-site and search for possibilities for cooperation with German experts and facilities.

Karima El-Azheid, from Morocco (YCL 2019 Immersion to Germany)

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