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Awesome to see you here!

For the last few years people have occasionally asked me if they could donate somehow and the answer was always no. Especially the last few months requests for a donation option have increased. Now is the chance for those who who are so kind to help out and donate. 

As I state in the video, the money will be used to buy better camera gear and maybe a drone. With a DSLR camera  and a couple of lenses I can create tutorial and travel videos of higher quality that will do better on YouTube. In the long run this should improve my ability to grow on the platform and earn money for my travels and other expenses so I can become self reliant again. The goal is to merge travel, creation and income into one source. Some of the funds will also be used for personal costs like accomodation since it takes a lot of time making these videos consistently and regularly.

I love doing this and making these videos has evolved into another passion. It took me a long time to realize that this a great creative outlet to get serious about and now I'm ready to do it right. For almost four years I've been traveling without sponsors and this the first time we do any sort of crowdfunding or donations.

There is no obligation to donate but if you are keen please do. Thank you so much for supporting us and helping achieve our goals!


Pedro, Alp and Rui

Hello my name is Pedro Mota and I ride my awesome Honda Transalp around the world. We've been traveling and working our way around the world for a few years now and we intend to keep on going. While on the road we upload videos of our rides, adventures, the people we meet and the places we see. We travel a lot but we also settle down at times. If you would like to help us out financially this is the place to do it. Cheers!

Donor Wall (121)

Danny Bélanger | 15,79 €

You are super casual and have a good attitude. It cheers me up to watch your videos. Small donation, big support :)

Rich Webb | 10,61 €

I feel you all need another drink! 🍻

Lars Andersson | 26,14 €

To Mago.

David | 13,03 €

Come to Canada when this plague blows over, I'll get you some poutine.

John | 52,02 €

Marco Antonio | 52,02 €

Ciao Pedro, grazie per i tuoi video, bello guardarli, mentre molti di noi sono bloccati per lockdown.

Leandro Alves

You inspire me, man. I dream of the day when I will be able to do something at this level. For now I am making my little trips with my Suzuki V Strom and watching your adventures. Greetings from Brazil.

Orlando Sablon | 10,61 €

Keep up the great content!

ian higgins | 5 €

You,Itchy Boots,Got 2 go, On her bike have given me ideas to shoot my own stuff and travel more round europe and Morrocco but on a Vespa GTS 300 in the next few years,Thank you and keep the videos coming

Jojo Davis | 103,78 €

Thanks for sharing your adventures Pedro.I’m too old to take on such travel but do ride often on my 2020 Tiger 900 GT low.Been riding 56 years and Lord willing hope for several more.If you ever come thru Dallas please stop and stay on our 11 acres with my wife and me.We have 4 sons and all 4 and myself raced motocross and still ride.Always love your positive attitude and disdain for non functional socialistic governments.May God bless and protect you on your journeys.As we say here in Texas “ hookem”.

Alex Taianovski | 52,04 €

Pedro, your character, positive attitude are as inspiring as your thirst for life and discovery! Be well, and we'll see you on the road!

Javier | 25 €

Muchas gracias Pedro por tus videos y aventuras. Te deseo lo mejor en tus viajes y que nos sigas mostrando el mundo a traves de tus videos. Un abrazo desde Enschede, de un espanol endurero.Tot ziens

IAKOVOS | 15,81 €

This is my first donation ever, I am a rider who travels too every summer in EU so far, I haven't had the courage yet to go outside of EU but it's coming.. I think your videos are the best, natural and spontaneous.

Jared | 5,46 €

You’re like one of my favorite shows Kinos Journey. Keep up the videos and the adventure! I’m busy paying for a house and life while you’re living it! 15 years and I’ll be retired at 51 and hopefully on the road like you. Little late but better than never.

Anonymous | 103,80 €

Anonymous | 10,63 €

Thanks for your inspiring videos, i've watched your adventures while i was in hospital having cancer, now i've made it back, bought a honda transalp. Thanks man, you are doing a great job. Ride safe

Henk | 26,16 €

Ga zo door

Charles Lopez | 160,75 €

Take care of yourself buddy! Can’t wait for you to get back on the road.


Drink een biertje op mijn kosten. Bedankt voor de leuke videos 🍻

Sander Veerbeek | 155,56 €

Robby | 52,05 €

Hi Pedro, gisterennacht een stukje van je livestream gezien. Hoed af voor je stamina beste Pedro! Terwijl bijna al de motor ADV'ers terug naar 'huis' zijn of gerepatrieerd, zit jij daar in BA te wachten op betere omstandigheden. Chapeau! zoals we in België zeggen, hoed af Pedro! Hierbij een klein steuntje vanuit België. Robby

Dave Brickner | 31,35 €

I owned an XL 600 like Alp. great bike. Wish I was younger now!!

Steven Aram | 31,35 €

Keep the vids flowing, good luck in your adventure!

Jan | 20,99 €

Alsjeblieft Pedro, een tankje benzine van mij, ik waardeer enorm wat je doet en boeiend om te volgen. Veel succes nog en hopelijk is de Coronacrisis snel voorbij.

Stuart Steele | 5,47 €/M

Love your blog, I tour as well. Stuart from Northern Ireland/South Africa. Break for the border

Dustin | 10,64 €

I have enjoyed your channel for years from Portland Oregon. Keep going!

Francisco Zacarias | 31,35 €

Hi Pedro. Greetings from Portugal. A small contribution to the Patagonian challenge. I will try to contribute more often. Ride safe

Peter | 10,63 €

Really enjoy your vlog. But, man, you dont take the easiest routes. :) Regards from Sweden.

Dennis Savard | 20,99 €

May you be able to continue riding in safety, thank you for your awesomness

Rene | 7,53 €

Hey Pedro :) I really like your videos and your modified Transalp! Please let us know how you got as much ground clearance? Which fork did you use?