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Awesome to see you here!

For the last few years people have occasionally asked me if they could donate somehow and the answer was always no. Especially the last few months requests for a donation option have increased. Now is the chance for those who who are so kind to help out and donate. 

As I state in the video, the money will be used to buy better camera gear and maybe a drone. With a DSLR camera  and a couple of lenses I can create tutorial and travel videos of higher quality that will do better on YouTube. In the long run this should improve my ability to grow on the platform and earn money for my travels and other expenses so I can become self reliant again. The goal is to merge travel, creation and income into one source. Some of the funds will also be used for personal costs like accomodation since it takes a lot of time making these videos consistently and regularly.

I love doing this and making these videos has evolved into another passion. It took me a long time to realize that this a great creative outlet to get serious about and now I'm ready to do it right. For almost four years I've been traveling without sponsors and this the first time we do any sort of crowdfunding or donations.

There is no obligation to donate but if you are keen please do. Thank you so much for supporting us and helping achieve our goals!


Pedro, Alp and Rui

Hello my name is Pedro Mota and I ride my awesome Honda Transalp around the world. We've been traveling and working our way around the world for a few years now and we intend to keep on going. While on the road we upload videos of our rides, adventures, the people we meet and the places we see. We travel a lot but we also settle down at times. If you would like to help us out financially this is the place to do it. Cheers!

Donor Wall (59)

Nuno Jacinto | 10,63 €

Keep going Peter Bike

Anonymous | 20,98 €

Darren Manser | 20,98 €

Patrick | 5,46 €

Stay safe and keep rolling

Tanato Cartaxo | 10,63 €

Thanks for being awesome and share your adventures! Crazy day at that salty lake!

Filipe | 41,69 €

Hi Pedro, carry on with your fantastic trips and make the alp great again!

Steve Hoskins | 103,80 €

Pedro, I'm off on my RTW trip starting 5th June from Spain. Was going to go solo and do it your way but a lovely lady insisted so how could I refuse. Like you, I'm doing this on a limited budget and with my travelling companion, now we're going to have to tighten our belts big time. Your advice about spending too much time in Europe has changed my plans in order to head to cheaper destinations more quickly but I hope that this will help you with at least some more fuel and maybe a cover for your microphone!! If our paths cross, it'd be good to meet and have a couple of cold ones. If not, safe travels brother and keep the videos coming. Cheers, scotdotcomspain

John Radi | 124,50 €

Nikita Sabatino | 20,98 €

Good luck and stay safe. Best wishes from Germany

Ralf | 31,34 €

I like your videos very much.It always gives me a good break. Thx.

Rogier | 20,98 €

Ingo | 31,34 €

I did two short tours with an R1200GS in Chile and was looking for videos of others who've been riding there. Your travels and videos are captivating. Godspeed and safe travels.

Andrew Shoun | 20,98 €

I enjoy your enthusiasm and total honesty. I'm a new rider and inspired to take a big trip of my own.

Martin Brochu | 10,63 €

J Curtis

Love the videos, Pedro! Keep sharing your adventures.

ugo colombo | 20,98 €

all best to Pedro! the adventure must go on!! regards, Ugo

PAUL ZANIS | 18,91 €

When you get to Ecuador stop at Ecuador freedom bike rental oh, they'll help you out!

Nikolay Manolov | 25 €

Your videos are so expiring, mate. I admire people who a living their dreams. Keep it going.

Afan | 26,08 €

Just keep it doing...

charlie maguire | 10,60 €

Here’s a few quid considering I’m watching your videos a lot now.

Matthew | 10 €

I love your videos, they inspire me to ride my bike more. Thanks Pedro, don't stop being you!

Michel | 36,39 €

Great job! Super vid!! Thank you

Ron | 26,08 €

Ik volg jullie al even op YouTube. Tijd om iets terug te doen 👋

Ryan Davis | 17,81 €

Thanks for the inspiration.

Ady Hassan | 20,92 €

Denis Dezan

Grab a beer on some nice place. And pls stop smoking it is bad for you health.

Bryan | 46,70 €

Pedro, your passion for what you are doing is infectious, as is your pleasure/joy in what you see and experience. Thank you for letting me see part of the world through your eyes and actions. A pity that GoPro's lens flattens slopes. I know that gravel was steep. Yeah, man! Go!

Ole | 103,46 €

Thanks for the way you are and for sharing your adventure with us. You open our eyes end enable us to see what an awesome world we are living in. Keep on riding.

Patrick | 5,43 €

Wish I could give more.

Andrew | 10,59 €/M

A fantastic adventure, please keep sharing!