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Thank you so much for being part of the international online community of "an AY a day."  It is important for us to keep this a free service for all practitioners. However, we cannot maintain and grow without financial support either.  Please consider a monthly donation to support our vision.  For the price of one ATM lesson, you can make a big impact in sustaining our group and planing for the future.  Be as generous as you can, all funds will be used to maintain the group and promote the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.  

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      Donor Wall31

      Cathy Lidster

      Very grateful for all the work that goes into these daily broadcast lessons.


      Katherine Correa | $102.35

      Thanks for this amazing resource. I had dropped out of the Feldy world. It's a great renewal.

      Dianne Daniels

      I wish I knew about this wonderful class sooner. Thank you so much!

      Nancy Forst | $52.23

      Dotti Harness-Foster | $104.15/M


      Kwan,thank you for creating and maintaining this awesome community. I haven't done Alexander Yanai lessons since I graduated from Elizabeth Beringer's 1st San Diego Training in 2010. I don't have the FeldyNotes. I'm a participant only.

      doris fok | $100

      Janine Holenstein


      Thanks for all you do Kwan and Katerina.


      Wish I could join more often. I appreciate you being there daily. Ill try make it in again for 6pm PT, 11am Sydney time

      Marzia Colani | $12.77/M



      What a perfect idea at this perfect time, when our world needs it the most. It's like seeing the brightest smile every morning & evening. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      Amy | $18/M

      Hi Kwan! Thank you so much! I really enjoy participating in these ATMs. What a great and kind service you are offering to help support our community, practices, health, learning and remembrance. Much Appreciation, Amy Cone

      Nancy Forst Williamson | $52.23/M

      Much appreciation for your patient work organizing and keeping this going!

      Susinn | $12.77/M

      Thank you Kwan; the opportunity to go through AY this way is fantastic!

      Rägi Zubler


      Thank you Kwan for your visionary leadership and dedication to sustaining this "classroom" for professional education and community!

      Gail Eager | $19/M

      Thanks for AY a day! A wonderful community Thank you Kwan!!

      Gail French

      Thank you Kwan and the entire an AY a day community.


      Thanks for creating this community.

      ALAN FRASER | $12.77/M

      Always grateful for this group, Kwan!

      Elisabeth Reed

      This group has been transformative to me and has really deepened my relationship to the Method as well as getting me out of a really tough recovery from surgery. I appreciate it so much!


      The AY Day is an amazing personal resource and a resource for the entire worldwide Feldenkrais community. Happy to lend my support.

      Linda Patrick | $16/M

      Am so grateful for this wonderful group! Everyone Keep it going!