Support Ukraine

Stand Up Ukraine is a not-for-profit collaborative which provides cloud-based infrastructure that supports refugees directly by providing access to information, communications, and identifying lodging. 

Our long-term goals are to assist continuously in the rejuvenation and rebuilding of Ukraine. We are working with local authorities in Ukraine to identify projects and find organizations that can help in this effort.

To react as quickly as possible to the crisis that is developing on the ground as a result of the war in Ukraine and provide the infrastructure to support those on the ground

Feed a Family

A new place, a little bit of hope, but no money. After fleeing the Ukrainian war, most families arrive with only the clothes on their backs, the few belongings they were able to gather before escaping with their children and their life savings in hryvnia. Due to the current situation, most places do not accept the hryvnia, whether for currency exchange or by card. While the governments and central banks work out a solution, those families have no money to feed their families.

Stand Up Ukraine will issue a debit card to refugees families pre-loaded with €250 available for purchases at grocery stores, bakeries, pharmacies and most first necessities stores.

Their husbands and fathers left behind to find a war they are not prepared for.

Make a Child Smile

A simple kindness can make a big difference. Starting school is always a little frightening: wondering if the teachers will be nice if the other students will be welcoming or simply how the new kid will fit in. Stand Up Ukraine launched a program to provide each child with a new packback filled with school supplies pens, colouring books/games, notebooks,  and a €30 gift card at the local mall.

Unite Families

Communication is key. For a community that has been devastated by war, staying in touch with their loved ones is essential. But as critical is having ready access to information as it becomes available. Konnect Ukraine is a mobile application dedicated to the Ukrainian community and its constituents. It allows users to connect with each other through call, video and Instant Messaging, as well as to create and join groups.

Users can get a European phone number right from the app, allowing them to connect with the outside world. The app is also connected with our global knowledge base, regrouping all refugees' information regarding the current crisis, available in 75 languages.

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