Help improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people

Will you help improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people?

While much progress has been made in recent times, there is still a long way to go. 

A ban on conversion therapy, for example, is long-overdue. The degrading practice leaves long-lasting emotional scars. Around 7% of LGBT+ people in the UK have been offered or been subjected to it. And as long as it is legal, LGBTQ+ people are at risk of harm.

Will you help by donating today?

We won’t stop working until all LGBTQ+ people everywhere are free to be ourselves and love who we love. We will continue to lobby for policy changes at the highest levels, supporting LGBTQ+ people throughout our lives – whether this be in education, workplaces, or healthcare. 

Will you help create a world where all lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace people are safe, happy, and thriving?  

We all have a part to play in creating a world where everyone, everywhere can be themselves. Your support can make all the difference.

Please donate today and play your part in building a better tomorrow for LGBTQ+ people.


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Help improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people

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          Stonewall is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission (charity number 1101255) and as a company limited by guarantee with the Registrar of Companies (company number 02412299).

          Donor Wall444

          David Porteous | £52.32

          Fuck UCL

          Emma Thorogood | £20/M

          Thank you for everything you're doing - I've been horrified to see the way your work has been attacked during the last year. Thank you for standing so strong in the face of such a difficult environment - so grateful for all you have done, and continue to do.

          John Adams | £52.15

          Keep up the fantastic work

          Jonathan Bennington | £21

          Saw the news about UCL


          Lauren | £21.01

          Thanks for all you do to support Trans equality! Keep on fighting the good fight :)


          Thank you for all the essential work you do for the LGBT+ community, and especially for your support for trans people.


          For the hard uphill battle that Trans people have to face

          Susan | £104.08

          Thank you! I never much liked being at UCL anyway.

          Olive Grant | £50

          Anonymous | £21.01

          Donation on behalf of Alice

          Nadia Latif | £160

          Fuck UCL

          Julie | £10/M

          I chose to donate because I am horrified by the campaign being waged against Stonewall by those who have a problem with the trans community and the disaffiliation campaign raging around the GRA 'debate'. As a bisexual (cis) woman & a trans ally, I am glad you are taking the stance you are, We must stand together, and up for ALL sections of our community. Thank you Stonewall for standing strong.

          Howard Hughes | £104.08

          I myself am not a member of any minority, but have a trans nephew - who I accepted from the word go. I am outraged by the casual anti-trans attitudes in our society today, thanks for standing firmly against this.


          My husband donated to stonewall and believed in your organisation. He passed away on the 23rd November and during the funeral service we asked for donations. We hope this goes a little towards helping you continue your excellent work. Rest in Peace my big eejit. Kieran Seamus Moran 1972-2021

          ALL IN racing | £17.28

          From ALL IN racing - surplus from sale of rainbow socks

          Ida Kukic | £21.01

          Thank you for continuing to share crucial information about LGBTQ+ issues. This community continues to raise awareness of just how important it is that we act now, and persistently so. Organizations like this mean the world.

          Marilyn Viveash | £21.01

          This is for Chris Viveash as a Christmas present

          Fletcher Matthew | £10.62

          Keep fighting bigotry, love is love.


          I hope this makes at least one trans person's life a little better. With love from New Zealand 💕💙🤍💙💕


          On behalf Red Penguin. Happy Christmas x

          Andriy Chemyrtan | £41.77

          Dear Craig and Hal, happy 10th wedding anniversary!! I wish you many many more happy years together. May the love you have shared in your first 10 years of marriage grow stronger as you grow old together. Big kisses and hugs, Andrew. 😘😘❤❤

          Stonewall Spirits Ltd | £327

          Anonymous | £50

          Donated on behalf of Rick Mountain


          Your work has saved my life and the life of many of my friends. Thankyou.


          Thanks for all the work you do - from all at A New Normal Ltd

          Anthony | £104.07

          For my amazing friend Ezra. Merry Christmas!

          Brendan | £50

          Making a donation in Brendan's name as a birthday gift. Happy birthday Brendan!

          Anonymous | £65.65

          Harry Potter fan who supports trans rights, wanting to put my money where my mouth is, support trans people, and prove TERFs wrong at the same time.

          James Charles | £21.23