Help improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people

Will you help us improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people?

While we have made much progress, our hard-won rights remain at risk, and we can't be complacent. Currently, we are fighting for a long-overdue ban on conversion therapy - a degraded practice which leaves long-lasting emotional scars. With around 7% of LGBTQ+ people in the UK subjected to conversion therapy, it is clear that as long as it is legal, LGBTQ+ people are at risk of harm.

Will you help us by donating today to support our vital work?

We won’t stop working until all LGBTQ+ people everywhere are free to be ourselves and love who we love. We will continue to lobby for policy changes at the highest levels, supporting LGBTQ+ people throughout our lives – whether this be in education, workplaces, or healthcare. 

Will you join us in creating a world where all lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace people are safe, happy, and thriving?  

Our work is only possible because of our incredible supporters. We all have a part to play in creating a world where everyone, everywhere can be themselves, and your support can make all the difference.

Please support us today and play your part in building a better tomorrow for LGBTQ+ people.


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Help us improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people

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          Stonewall is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission (charity number 1101255) and as a company limited by guarantee with the Registrar of Companies (company number 02412299).

          Donor Wall238

          Harmonic Group Ltd | £500

          A Christmas donation on behalf of our candidates and clients.

          EuroWynner | £52.32

          Donated on behalf of twitter user @DsMetros for his victory in a bracket tournament.

          Louise Robinson | £10.61


          I work in the Civil Service, and my department has taken a ministerial decision to unilaterally withdraw from the Diversity Programme and Workplace Index. Given the ideological and political motivation behind this, I am making this donation as a show of solidarity with all my LGBT+ colleagues.

          Peter Hall | £10.61/OT

          Anonymous | £52.15

          Jon Glavinas | £10.61/OT

          The allowance of conversion therapy signifies a belief that our existence is wrong. Let’s abolish it x

          Rebecca | £225/OT

          A late friend and colleague of ours; Tim, passed away in a tragic accident in July last year. He was one of life's characters, a person who was full of life. We put a memorial fund together (as he chose not to have a funeral) so that we could place a bench and a tree outside the office in memory of him. We believed that some of the donations should go to those charities closest to him - Tim had quite a few difficulties due to his sexuality, mainly in the 70's and 80's and we know that he would do anything to support anyone in a similar situation. Thank you on behalf of Tim and his friends for all your hard work in trying to make the world a better place for the LGBTQ+ community.

          Patricia Adams | £200

          Juno Dawson asked us to donate her fee from the event - £150, plus £50 from us at All Around Reading

          hotfoils | £5.69

          Thomas Headon | £363.16


          Ella Richardson

          Stonewall LGBTQ+ Spirits | £248/OT

          Supporting LGBTQ+ charities with retelling the Stonewall Riots via our brand of spirits at Stonewall LGBTQ+ Spirits

          Rachael | £15.80/M

          We need to stand together to make the world better for everyone.


          Daniel Lismore


          The Surrey Police Crime Commissioner being anti trans has disgusted me. As a Surrey officer, I wholeheartedly disagree with her, and want it known that we love you & respect you.


          trans rights

          Joe | £37.35/OT

          Went to Chick-fil-A. Sorry

          Piers Beckley | £21/OT

          This one's for the Observer being terfy. Again.


          thank you for your work

          Isobel | £21

          Sophie | £50

          Bex | £10.87

          Donated from Copper & Cogs from the sale of a pride themed bracelet and steampunk pride earrings sold in 2021.

          Valerie Bailey | £10.61

          On behalf of Sofia Robbins

          Anonymous | £62.68

          From the ClassicxChunk Twitch Community <3

          TC O'Neil

          Donated on behalf of Andrew O'Neill's Pit Mentality.

          Ellie Moylan | £26.19/OT

          Trans rights are human rights


          Trans people should be able to have opinions without being harassed

          Matthew Galloway | £5/OT