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    Did you know that for only $5 per month -  the cost of one teeny pint of blueberries at your local farmer's market - Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC) can sponsor a low-income youth for an entire weekend at our annual Youth Activism Gathering (YAG)? These gatherings bring together young activists from across Maine to workshop social issues and learn how to organize around topics they're passionate about. Fees are always sliding scale from $0, and always include food and lodging!

    Alyssa Thompson, a high school student who attended her first YAG in 2015, is a prime example of how effective these types of ROSC sponsored events are in inspiring a culture of organizing as the most effective way to create change and build grassroots power. Since attending the YAG for her first time, Alyssa has become a powerhouse on the Maine organizing circuit. Here are just a few of many examples to share from her last year and a half:

    1. Alyssa joined the Maine Students for Climate Justice shortly after attending the YAG and has helped to build a growing, student-led campaign against fracked gas in Maine, being responsible for a good majority of the campaign's entire catalog of research.
    2. As part of that campaign, Alyssa not only helped organize and stage a sit-in at the office of the Maine Public Utilities Commission, she spoke truth to power when she made a public statement to their administration against their complicity in the proposed fracked gas pipeline project she was there to protest.
    3. Alyssa has also helped organize and taken part in a number of peaceful demonstrations and marches that support immigrant rights and racial justice.
    4. Last, and lucky for Maine, Alyssa was recently hired on with Pine Tree Youth Organizing whose mission is to support and coordinate the actions of youth organizers in a way that encourages long-term youth movement building and coordinated action in the state of Maine.

    The coolest part about this: Alyssa is just one of the 60+ youth who attend the YAG every year!

    ROSC is a small (but effective) organization, and we’re local, so you can feel really good about supporting us. And you won’t see us sending you fancy brochures or gifts to try and schmooze your support. Any money you give us goes directly to the work. 

    ROSC is almost exclusively supported by small, personal donations, so we’re not only a truly grassroots organization, we can't do what we do without help from people like you!  Will you give up a pint of berries to help us continue to build a more active, grassroots organizing community in Maine?

    In hopeful gratitude,

    Sass Linneken for ROSC 

    ROSC is a 501(c)3, tax exempt organization. Our EIN, if needed, is 01-0353747. No goods or services were provided by Resources for Organizing and Social Change in exchange or in return for this donation.