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      Capitalism tells us worth comes from productivity, but if the crisis of the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that how we do things is crucial. If more care was taken for how we honor our humanity leading up to the pandemic, it likely wouldn't have become the dire crisis it did because we'd have already invested in ourselves through rights to health, housing, food, clean water, and fair labor practices. Instead, we've yet to care for the collective through our collective sysytems and as a result countless people have been suffering who don't need to be. 

      In all of the work ROSC does, we first and foremost prioritize relationship building and human connection. We are not only wanting to dismantle oppressive systems, we are wanting to replace them with systems that nurture, create joy and laughter, and that hold people as whole human beings. We believe community building is just as important as strategic planning because without strong, vibrant, trusting communities who can rely on each other, what have we got? 

      We need community support to do what we do. If you contribute to our work, here are some things you will be supporting in how Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC) does what it does:

      1) We acknowledge the need for reparations, which is why fiscal sponsorship is offered to grassroots groups who are led by, and working with and for BIPOC, for free. This sponsorship enables these groups to more fully fund their work through charitable donations, without anyone taking a part of their needed income, and it takes a portion of their administrative work off their plate without a cost to them. Because ROSC is historically white-led and was founded by white folx, this is seen as an inarguable model for enacting social change.

      2) We offer all services and programming on a sliding scale with no questions asked. We reject arguments that suggest this model is unaffordable or unsustainable because we simply see it as a fundraising responsibility on our part to create accessibile spaces and offerings. As the saying goes, "if it's inaccessible to the poor, it's neither radical nor revolutionary." (source: unknown)

      3) We prioritize physical and emotional/intellectual accessibility in all of our programming by consulting with people who have disabilities leading up to events, during them, and after, as we strive to do better in our everyday practices and continuing programs.

      4) Our projects,are always led by people who are directly impacted. We believe missionary work is a form of colonization.

      We could go on, but we encourage you to learn more by visiting our website at and seeing what other projects we are home to. Take a look at our publications too for copy-lefted resources for organizing from the grassroots.

      We can't do what we do without grassroots, community support, and when you support us, you're also supporting the dozens of other groups we sponsor, and the projects we are home to.

      ROSC is a small (but effective) organization, and we’re local, so you can feel really good about supporting us. And you won’t see us sending you fancy brochures or gifts to try and schmooze your support. Any money you give us goes directly to the work. 

      When deciding how much you’d like to give to ROSC, we ask you to take Class Solidarity into account.

      What is Class Solidarity?

      Class refers to where you and your family fit into the world regarding finances (for example: poor, working class, middle class, wealthy). ROSC does everything on a shoestring budget so we can make sure we are accessible to all. If you and your family are people who can pay more to support ROSC so others can pay less, please consider doing so. If you do so, you will be taking an action of solidarity and making ROSC more accessible for people who cannot afford to pay much.

      If you aren't sure what your class background is, you can check out this resource on class. Figuring out your class background can be difficult. Remember, you can be of a mixed class background.

      Suggested Recurring Donations (feel free to pay more or less than this): 

      Poor: $0-3/per month
      Working Class: $3-30/per month

      Middle Class: $30-45/per month

      Upper Middle Class: $45-100/per month

      Wealthy: As much as you’re willing to spare! $100+/per month

      ROSC is almost exclusively supported by small, personal donations, so we’re not only a truly grassroots organization, we can't do what we do without help from people like you! Will you help us continue to build a more active, grassroots organizing community in Maine?

      ROSC is a 501(c)3, tax exempt organization. Our EIN, if needed, is 01-0353747. No goods or services were provided by Resources for Organizing and Social Change in exchange or in return for this donation.

      Donor Wall (13)

      Carol | $259.11

      Maria | $52.07

      Keep up the great work! In it together!

      Holly Lasagna

      Kathy Kilrain del Rio | $15.84/M

      I am donating because of all the good work you do and especially because of the work ROSC led for the Ending Hunger by 2030 taskforce. It is so powerful. Thank you.

      Cushman Anthony

      Craig Lapine | $52.07

      Martha | $103.83

      In thanks for a lifetime of work to improve the human condition

      Sedum Jackson | $10.66

      my revolution tax


      Very grateful for your dedicated work, more needed now than ever and with inspiring prospects for transformative structural changes. In solidarity.

      Holly Weidner | $20/M

      Mary Ellen

      Sass, Excellent letter! Really captures our world right now as well as the much needed solutions. Keep up the great work!

      Monique Crochet | $51.90

      Charlie Bernstein | $36.43