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Hey there!

I share free cultural raw vegan recipes on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to help people who are transitioning into living foods to find tasty raw vegan recipes to make the transition yummy, enjoyable and abundant. 

I also coach people to empower them figure out what works best for them. And I share knowledge and content about nature to help people reconnect with their bodies and our Mother Nature.

It is a lot of work and it has come to a point where it grew so much that I cannot have a job at the same time. I could but then my time would be so limited that I would not be able to share and help people as much. It has come to a point where I need financial support to fund the projects and also hire people to support in growing and reaching more people in need of this precious knowledge.

I have been finding ways to earn money online such as my ebook and offline such as deliveries and workshops and a few other ideas coming soon. But it is NOWHERE near enough to grow and offer what I could really offer! It is even barely enough to sustain my own living costs sometimes.

Your support would help me sustain my content creation to touch people in need, grow offline projects and offer much more. You can see and choose in the donation page what to support more specifically.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for seeing the value of what I do, of what Raw Mama Nature is about. Thank you for supporting it to grow just like a baby tree needs water to grow and flourish and offer fruits.



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