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    Donor Wall105

    Nicole Henry | $30

    Your work is crucial, and I thank you for it.

    Lori | $25

    Summer | $50

    Jason | $100


    Mary Etta Knox | $20

    Elaine | $50

    Harry Graham | $36

    I like your platform. Do you partner with other Black media personalities such as Boyce Watkins or Roland Martin Unfiltered The African History Network Show? The reason I ask is that I am hopeful that we could all come together somehow on one accord. That's the way I see us moving forward as a people. That's by unity. I believe that The Black Man's future depends upon the media (Black Media). The white media has marginalized Black people for centuries.

    Samantha Cavanaugh

    I really appreciate the fb messenger info yall put together, I've learned so much!

    fred powell | $20/M

    I am a white man who believes in equality.

    Mary Fran Jeffrey | $100


    Kelly Haggerty | $50


    I love what you guys are doing, knowledge is power!

    Jennifer | $100

    In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.


    Hello,! I’m happy to donate each month! I am an ex-patriot white South African who grew up in S A. during the apartheid era before coming to America, which is now finally my home. I saw firsthand the effects of racism there on people of all colors and races! Luckily my parents taught me better, and so I can recognize racism when I see it! And I support equality for all in America & elsewhere. It’s sad that after all this time, America hasn’t yet rid itself of this cancer! Because I only became a citizen late in life, my Social Security income is very limited! I only wish I could donate more: I guess this small monthly donation can be considered the “widow’s mite”! God bless!


    Give stacy abrams her due n the many black women who will read her works n books. F...aunt j. Pancake queen created by a racist thought to make money while continuing to dehumanize a race. A few votes do count. The republicans n southern states plus are listening n we best too

    Suzanne | $40

    T'Shawn Rivers

    Thank you for sharing important black history with the world, I'm a loyal Facebook follower.

    Susan Opava | $10/M

    Paula | $100

    Your work is crucial. It's breathtaking how little is taught. Keep it up!

    Diana Espinoza | $50

    Great work! Keep it going!! Many thanks.

    George Tilson | $200


    To Everyone at PushBlack! I hope you have a nice holiday and a safe and happy New Year! Neal Segal


    🎈🎈🎈on Jennifer Beals’ Birthday 🎈🎈🎈I am reminded of her devotion to causes that protect, elevate and educate those who may not be able to do it alone, inspires me to be a better advocate as well ❗️🙏🏽

    Julia Ho | $50

    Emily Koeppel | $57/M

    Happiest of birthdays Jennifer May your birthday be as special to you as you are to others

    Maria Vulchanova | $33

    Happy Birthday, Jenny! I wish YOU: LOOOONG Life (116 years) and Health. I wish YOU HAPPINESS (but not an ordinary happiness, but: PURE Divine Bliss) and in order to achieve it, I wish two things that are the both sides of the coin/ the two wings of the bird: FREEDOM and LOVE. I wish YOU: FREEDOM, to finally to see YOU flying FREE: HIGH is where YOU belong: I wish YOU LOVE, because LOVE contains everything else in itself. "Love is a moment of bliss. Love is a ray of hope. Love is the pinnacle of joy. The Joy that never elopes." I finally I wish YOU Courage in order to achieve them. "Be wild and crazy and drunk with Love." -Rumi I LOVE YOU. HUGS. Cheers! "Cosa más bella que tú Cosa más linda que tú Única cómo eres Inmensa cuando quieres Gracias por existir" &:

    Kimberly | $25

    Happy Birthday, Jennifer Beals 💝

    Elaine | $50

    Happy Birthday Jennifer Beals!

    Sonja | $50

    In honor of Jennifer Beals. Happy Birthday