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      Support Our Sanctuary

      Tonight we are reaching out for your help. James and I founded this organisation over eight years ago to save farmed animals, rescue them and give them the love and care they deserve for life. 

      We work non stop for the animals; our days are long and hard. We survived the droughts, floods, and Covid 19, but the ongoing pressure of all of these things has walloped us financially, and we are mentally and physically exhausted. Every dollar that we receive from you goes straight to helping farmed animals, feeding them, providing veterinary care, and housing them safely.

      Our animals get the very best care, we give them absolutely everything we have. However, it takes its toll on our emotional and physical health. We are exhausted, trying to work out how we can continue to help animals with our funds dwindling as the pandemic continues.

      We have dedicated our lives to helping animals and love what we do. Every morning, we wake up knowing we are giving animals (those who are often overlooked in our society) love and security. I need to tell you that tonight, we urgently need your help. We’ve been trying to work out precisely what to do, and tonight we are putting it on the line. 

      We need urgent funds, and we’re calling on you, our supporters, to help us. The funds will go straight to food costs for the 200+ animals currently in our care; they desperately need us.  They will go towards our ongoing vet bills to treat the growing number of elderly animals in our care and help rescue and take in animals who have been discarded or abandoned, those facing death as an alternative to rescue. Many of the animals we help have nowhere else to turn, and once in our care require ongoing support.

      Because of the limited options for many of the animals we help, we promise that they will be safe for life when we take them in. We have made this promise to hundreds of animals and plan to continue making that promise to many, many more.

      Recently, we took in Pearl, the pig living in suburban Sydney, whose neighbour was threatening and after numerous complaints, Pearl was given marching orders by the council. Taking Pearl in literally saved her life.  We also recently rescued Astrid, the thoroughbred horse, a survivor of the racing industry.  Astrid has ongoing muscular-skeletal and hoof problems that will require a lifetime of treatment.  If we had not have taken her in, she very likely would have ended up at the slaughterhouse.  We rescue animals from a diversity of situations, but our promise to each is the same, we will care for you for life.

      We must raise these funds so we can keep this promise. We don’t want to be in a situation where we have to turn away animals that need our help, but we have no other option as our funds have dwindled significantly. So we are asking for your help tonight. 

      We need to raise $50,000 for our animals. We’ve poured our entire lives into making sure as many animals as we can are loved and cared for, and tonight I’m asking you to help us make sure we can continue on this mission. 

      $25 buys a bag of feed for the 100 chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, roosters in our care.

      Just $5 from each of you would get us to our goal. It’s the cost of your next cup of coffee but one that will help save a life. We receive no government funding, so we are entirely reliant on your support. 

      Please write us a comment when you have donated, and remember to share this post far and wide. 

      xx Kate