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As we near our second birthday, Kipper Central is getting over 3,000 hits per day and over 100,000 per month, simply by telling the truth and by being unafraid to be politically incorrect.

But that comes at a price. Besides the angry lefties who always cause trouble, Kipper Central's editorial team give up hours every day to spread the truth for virtually no personal gain in return. As our views continue to increase, the site will struggle more and more to cope - as was seen recently when our website was suspended for using too much data. Your support will end these problems for once and for all.

We rely on the kind support of fans to keep reporting on the stories that nobody else will and to keep promoting what is really happening in Britain and across the world. We cannot thank you all enough for how much support and help you have given us to get this far, but there is always more that we can do.

We always have and always will speak out about the most important issues facing our nation, even if the politicians and mainstream media won't. Grooming gangs, censorship and EU authoritarianism are among the biggest threats to our nation and the world today and we are encouraging all people to take a stand against these great evils.

But none of these things could happen without your support. Neither our owner nor our Editor-in-Chief have a full-time job yet they spend hours every day writing, sharing and investigating for Kipper Central. Your donations will help to make it practical to continue with our work and to ensure that the best resources are available to assist us.

All donations will be used to support the operation of Kipper Central, including upgrading our server technology, making it more affordable to continue to give up the daily hours we do as well as funding our travel up and down the country to report on what is really happening.

Any support you can give, however small, will go a long way to helping our work towards spreading the truth. Together, this is a fight that we can, and must, win.

Please note, we are not a charitable organisation. No goods or services will be exchanged in return. All donations will be transferred to Reece Coombes who will distribute them as described in the fundraiser description.