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June 16th the Kambon family had a major family emergency. Dr. Kambon’s wife Kala and children were involved in a serious car accident and admitted to the hospital. All are doing well and recovering. The family’s only mode of transportation was totaled in the accident. We are asking for the support of Abibitumi family to assist the Kambon family during this trying time.

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Donor Wall102

Desmond and Carol Atkins | $100

Praying for full Restoration of your family. Your Cousin Carol and Desmond Atkins. Brooklyn

Lee Brock Mack | $125/M

GRACE… ‘need’: need obeys ‘need’. No pronouns. Got to love the unconditioned.

Destiny | $50

Wishing you all lots of healing and continued protection.

Tyrone McCants

I love you all. Sending vibrations and strength. I will send more funds when I can.

Kayla Love | $25/M

So happy to see you all are well. Ma’at Hotep. Abibifahodie.

Kevin | $25

Ra Bless. Maat Hotep!

Leighton Smith | $50

Get well soon. Get back on your feet. Leighton from Jamaica

Makiya Mack | $25

Colette Evans

So glad your family is doing well. Sending you all prayers, love & light. Colette Jones-Evans

Ann Francis | $25

To the Kambon family, I am sending you love, energy, light ASE!


May the ancestors guide and protect yuor family and the great works you do!

Giles Domkam | $25

Gregory | $100

Wishing you a speedy recovery, hope to visit you on my next visit to Ghana.

Karla | $25/M

I wish you all well!

NICOLE | $100

Speedy full recovery family 🌺🌺🌺

Kojo Asare Bonsu | $120

My regards to you and family, may their mental , physical and emotional healing be quick and strong in the spirit of MAAT.

Samantha Moore

Fatoumata Magassa | $50

Kafra. I pray everyone recovers fully and that you all continue to be in good spirits and health.

jetun bailey | $15

affirming only goodness and grace in your time of respite and healing

Nana Kofi Ofori | $35

I pray for a full recovery from the physical and spiritual trauma of this event trauma of this event.

Nana Kofi Boakye | $10/M

We thank Nyame that You are doing well and recovering. May your recovery be swift and complete. Ashe, ashe, asheoo!

ron | $100

I'm sorry for the trauma of an accident and glad to know that you and family are well.

Yaw Akan | $25

👑🙌🏿🟥⬛🟩Tendai Mwari


Hi Kambon Family! So sorry that this happened. Thank you for all you all have done for our community. Praying for healing and restoration. -Austen-Monet

Batu Shakari | $100

May the recovery be swift & complete.

Afrikola Afrikola | $30

I am so relieved that you and the family are safe and doing well. I love y’all! ❤️🖤💚

kwame olatunji | $12/M

Hope you are all well.

Anonymous | $25

May the ancestors be with you and keep your family healthy and strong. Thank you for all that you do.

Sedem Gavua | $25

Sending you love, light and healing Kambon Family

Anonymous | $25

Wishing all the family speedy recovery and strength to continue the good work.