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Support Diana to build a home for her family


UPDATE 10/14/21

It has been with the continued support and generous donations of our circle of friends and family that Diana has been able to make amazing progress on the construction of her new home.

The construction team have been able to work quickly and closely with Diana to build a simple yet unique design that fits with the lifestyle and needs of the entire family. It is now the final push for the completion of the house and we are so close to reaching the total target amount. With those final donations, Diana will be able to complete the house with the finishing needed to make it a home and purchase the all-important items that make our houses function with ease.

UPDATE 08/19/21

From the loving support of our friends and family of Diana and Finca Mia, it was possible to start the necessary groundwork in July to make a safe and solid foundation to build a home for Diana, Nia, Kenay and Akim. Within our community, with close friends and neighbours, a traditional Despacho ceremony was held asking for permission and blessings from the spirits and ancestors of these lands to build a home here. It was a gathering filled with love and intention.

Following the ceremony, the building permits were submitted. After waiting for several weeks, it is with joy that we can announce the permits have come through and the construction of the house can begin this Monday 23rd August. With a tremendous community effort, we have supported Diana and manifested a home for her and her family. We are looking forward to seeing you all in your home and to celebrate this joyous moment with you.

Dearest Friends,

Our beloved Diana and her three children, Akim, Kenay, and Nia, have found home here in the Chirripo mountains for 10 years. The house they have been living in for the past 7 years as renters has recently sold. The new owners have graciously given her until August 2021 to be moved out.

Joyfully, Diana has recently purchased a beautiful piece of land in the Lloroso Valley of Los Angeles de Rivas with the dream of building her forever family home through the government funding available to support single mothers here in Costa Rica. However, due to the pandemic and other government measures, the funding program has been halted this past May, meaning this sweet family can no longer afford to construct the home they have been dreaming of.

With the move out of her current family home drawing closer, Diana needs community contributions to build a house for her loving and hardworking family. The home plan is of a simple design of 700 sq ft, similar to that of the homes from the funding program, that can be constructed quickly. We would love to see her move her family directly into the new home on the land as soon as possible.

The proposal for the basic construction costs is $23,000, and with additional fees, the total needed is $30,000.  Diana is searching for the full amount to manifest the house she needs to support, grow and care for her sweet family and bring their new home to fruition.

If you feel called to be a part of this amazing tribal effort to assist Diana in this process, now is the time. Any amount puts Diana a step closer to reach her goal, and your contribution will be gratefully received.

Diana with her two son's Akim and Kenay, and daughter Nia


About Diana

All that Diana contributes and pursues in life is in the name of the greater good, healing, and growth. Constantly Diana has shown her love for this community by supporting the process and co-founding the Escuelita Finca Mia, giving children access to a conscious and connected education; organizing community events and concerts that have brought our persons closer whilst raising funds for worthy causes in the mountain; as well as being an activist within the wider community, spreading awareness of issues worthy of our attention and showing those the way when they may be lost.

Professionally, Diana is an experienced bodyworker of Thai massage and healer through her depth of knowledge. She has consciously contributed to the path of the plants through the lineage of Cristina and weaved her magic, wisdom, and healing through many ceremonies, supporting those in need and assisting Cristina and our other servers when called upon. She has given her time, magic, and knowledge to Finca Mia for the past 8 years, and those who have graced her presence will know how sweet and heart-centered her intentions are for those around her.

This amazing woman has no limitations and has lovingly raised a family whilst supporting them with full-time work. A mother of the highest accolade and yet humble to the core, Diana is a caring being that puts her young's well-being first and shows this through her work and dedication to raise them as consciously as possible, with love and humility.

Diana is a pillar of our community, supporting from her heart to those that cross her path. She serves for the good of all with clear intentions and graciousness. Please join us in raising the roof for Diana and her children, and we look forward to seeing Diana and her beautiful family in their new home by August!

The Property

Diana has worked incredibly hard to get thus far in her journey and purchased the land outright as a qualifier to receive the government funding to build a house that is now no longer available. The property is owned in full by Diana. Below, we share with you the house plan and the proposal for the construction. The construction of this house style is usually completed within a rapid time frame due to the pre-fab design, making it possible for Diana and her family to be living in their home in a considerably short time. 

Any additional donations received over what is being asked will be invested into the house beyond the basic design and planting to bring the house into harmony with the surrounding greenery.

Gifts and Offerings for Donations

The loving friends and family have come together to offer an amazing array of gifts to donors as a way to say thank you for your donation. 

How it works

There are several price categories of gifts available. To receive a gift, a donation of the category amount or more must be made. Once you have made your donation, please promptly email your first, second, and third choice gift selection along to [email protected]  Gifts are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please see the details below for all the gifts. It is possible to claim a gift in a category of a lower amount than what was donated. Custom donations are welcome and still entitled to a gift from a category of equal or lower value. 

If you would like to make a cash or check donation, please let us know, and we can add it manually to the campaign and avoid the processing fees.  

Gift for a donation of $8000 and higher

Private concert with Leah Song of Rising Appalachia

(1 package available; some expenses will be used from this donation to bring Leah to the concert location and cover some of the production. This gift is available in Costa Rica or the USA; however, Leah has envisioned doing this at Finca Mia if this suited the gift recipient. The concert dates need to be weaved into Leah's tour schedule and will be arranged with the gift recipient) 

Gift for a donation of $2500 and higher

A private concert with Guadalupe Urbina (1 package available, concert in person in Costa Rica)

Gift choices for a donation of $1500 and higher

5 sessions of 1-to-1 coaching with Pablo Lucero for an individual (claimed)

1-to-1 creative muse courting with Leah Song of Rising Appalachia to cultivate your inner creative work and world in ANY discipline (3 packages available, coaching available online)

Half-day high-end personal photoshoot with renowned photographer Nick Delieto (2 available. Location of the shoot is in Costa Rica or New York; other areas are possible with travel expenses covered)

$1500 credit for custom art tattoo by Kris Davidson (2 available in Boulder, CO or in Costa Rica when Kris is in the area).

Gift choices for a donation of $1000 and higher

Receive a 4-night stay at Finca Exotica for 2 people (2 packages available. Lodging only. Meals and additional services are not included)

Receive a 4-night stay at Finca Mia for 2 people. (claimed)

Receive 10 private pilates sessions with Melanie Mcgray (1 package available, private sessions available online)

1-to-1 personal or relationship coaching with Sage Bova, a package of four coaching sessions for 1 individual (claimed) 

10 private Kundalini coaching & Quantum programming sessions with Sophia  (1 package available, coaching available online)

Provar Culinary: Private Cooking Class with Chef Matt Kuerbis

1:1 Zoom cooking class covers all the bases as you tune in live with Chef Matt Kuerbis to create an amazing meal, learn new knife skills, or practice other culinary techniques to up your game in the kitchen. It's fun, hands-on and (best of all) you get to eat everything at the end!  (1 package available)

Gift choices for a donation of $500 and higher

Receive a package of 2 Thai massages with Diana of 3 hours each (1 of 2 packages available)

Permaculture Consultation with Melina and Itai of Finca Adama, available online or on-site in Costa Rica. (1 package available)

Pet Portrait of your pet by Xochi Stensaas. (1 package available) See her work at

Aromaflor Essential Oil Kit of 20 different oils.  (claimed)

Hoss Soss Gift Pack. Three unforgettable and addictive gourmet hot sauce flavors delivered to your doorstep (1 available, delivery only available in the USA.)

Online Kundalini Course with Sophia (1 package available)

Receive a private sweat lodge for 2 people with Paloma and Sergio (1 package available, available in person in Costa Rica)

1:1 Zoom or in-person Vocal Transformation 2-hour session with renowned teacher Maryn Azoff.  Vocal transformation is a process of deprogramming that opens the channel for Spirit to drive the creative process once again and for the practitioner to reclaim their fullest expression and most powerful voice.  (1 package available)

Receive a private tandem paragliding tour for 2 people with Zion Paragliding (1 package available in Costa Rica)

Drop into a 2 hour, fine art, sunrise or sunset, beach or mountain Yoga and Portrait Photography shoot in Costa Rica with internationally acclaimed Yoga and Nature Photographer Bill Tipper.  This offer includes artistic styling by Liz and 5 professionally mastered files. (1 of 2 packages remaining, in Costa Rica)   Bill Tipper Photography

3 months supply of personalized flower essences to enhance your personal process of healing, thriving, and conscious connections by Kristin Holthuis, MD, flower essence practitioners and energy psychology facilitator and trainer.  (3 packages available, the essences will be sent by mail after a personal virtual session. Delivery to CR included or to other countries with additional shipping charges).

Gift choices of $250 and higher

Package of 20 cold-pressed juices or large smoothies in the Finca Mia juice bar (2 packages available)

Half-day of horseback riding for up to three people at Finca Mia (4 packages available)

1.5-hour massage with Katinka  (claimed)

One night stay for two people at the pristine mountain retreat, La Chispa del Corazón, in the River Cabin with a home-cooked meal and wisdom sharing by Justin and Megan. (claimed)

2 lessons of charango or guitar with the talented and kind-hearted Patrick Surdam from the bands Cura Cura and Tribe of Love.  (1 package available in-person or online)  Patrick video

Box of Animamundi medicines (2 of 4 packages remaining)

1 month of private, personalized kundalini classes with Sophia (1 package available, in-person or online)

2 Elemental Reiki OR Theta Healing sessions with Sophia. (1 package available in-person)

75 minute 1-to-1 Yoga Session with Sarah Taggart (4 packages available)

1 Month of dance classes with Beth Corwin in person (1 package available, in-person in Costa Rica)

A set of Kintala Tailsman. Artful, inspiring, sacred adornments by Catiflor.  Each Kintala collection of talismans invokes different qualities and elements of being. (1 package available)

Broken Record Social: Social Media 101: 1.5-hour Zoom session is designed to give you a broad overview of the most popular social media platforms, followed by a 30-minute deep dive into the platform or feature of your choice. (1 package available)

Gift choices of $100 and higher

Package of 4 skateboard classes with D.J. of 1 hour for each class (1 package available, in-person at the Finca Mia skate ramp)

Receive 1-gallon of Fresh-squeezed orange juice delivered to your door in the Chirripo area every Sunday for one month by D.J.  (2 packages available)

Finca Mia T-shirt in the size of your choice.  (Unlimited supply. In-person retrieval, when possible, or delivered in the USA or Costa Rica in September. Please give your shipping address.

Donations of any amount or kindly sharing this link with others.....

We offer immense gratitude from our hearts, and may you be showered with blessings of abundance.

All gifts will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis as they are claimed. Please get in touch with [email protected] to arrange to receive your gift within 7 days of donating.