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Supernatural (adjective): A word used to describe an attribute of God. We are capturing (grasping/reporting on) what God is supernaturally doing in the lives of ordinary people around the world. We are discovering God’s creative handiwork outside the four walls of the church!

  • All forms of supernatural media: We are called to display the amazing works of God through all forms of relevant media.
  • Stories from around the world: We will report on some of the most captivating stories on earth, finding God in the most unusual places.
  • Ignite: Our team will ignite the church and the hearts of those who don’t know Him.
  • Mentorship: Capturing the Supernatural will invest into the next generation.

This is why Capturing the Supernatural exists—to document the amazing power of God working all over the world. Displaying how our extraordinary God is working through ordinary people like you and me.

Will you partner with us as we capture the next generation with some of the most amazing stories ever discovered on the face of this earth? This is the biggest mandate God has ever given us!

Your contribution to Capturing the Supernatural is not considered a payment for services. This ministry is a non-profit. Thank you for your support!