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7Hills Skatepark is a community built public skatepark in downtown Amman. The park was built in 2014 after a successful online crowdfunding campaign by philadelphia skateboards, Make Life Skate Life, Alis, and امانة عمان الكبرى Greater Amman Municipality raising over 20,000$ to construct a free of charge public space for the youth of the city. Shortly after the crowdfunding, volunteer skatepark builders arrived in Amman to lead the construction of the city's first skatepark. In less than three weeks, an abandoned public space in the heart of the city was transformed into a 650 m² concrete skatepark. During the 18-days build, the professional builders, the Ammani youth, and the local park community worked hand in hand to build their park.

In October 2016, 7Hills launched a free of charge skate program for local and refugee youth. The ongoing program includes weekly targeted skateboard classes, a loaner system, a leadership program, and an outreach platform. 7Hills provides a secure and open space for people from all walks of life.
It offers a lifelong tool - skateboarding, to defeat gender, racial, religious or cultural inequalities. 7Hills tries to reach the most vulnerable groups in the city and provides them with a platform for personal development, empowerment and social interaction.


Help us to run appropriate skate classes with gloves, masks and social distance. Every Euro, Dinar or Dollar is a big help for 7Hills. 

7Hills needs your support to run summer programming to provide opportunities for local and refugee youth to enjoy skate sessions.

The more support we get, the more kids we can include. 


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