The back story comes from an author "Changes". The premise started by Changes is that Pleasure Island is a place for singles or couples to go where many pleasures can be indulged and almost anything is possible. On the Island is a pool where you are to meet your girlfriend for drinks for the evening. Unfortunately, it's a poolside bar and you have to be dressed appropriately to enter. Not to worry though, the bartender is all too helpful and has the lost and found box with swim clothes. Unfortunately again, there are only women's swim suits, but your girlfriend has been telling you lately what a stick in the mud you are so.....


Chapter 1 The Maroon Two Piece

Taking the box with you the thoughts about what Wendy has been telling you can't be stopped. "While we are at the island, you have to let your hair down. Stop being so uptight and just relax and enjoy."

"Well, I guess that there's no time like the present." you say to yourself. You find the bathroom nearby that looks like a bamboo version of the bathroom buildings at Worlds of Fun. Inside is clean and smells very pleasant, especially for a bathroom. There are stalls along the left wall, sinks and mirrors on the right along with a couple full length mirrors, and at the back are shower stalls for rinsing off after being in the swimming pools.

You head into the last shower stall since there is more room to change there than in the toilet stalls. At least it's empty in here so you can brace yourself for this whole letting your hair down for Wendy, you think to yourself. Setting the box down on the bench you start to rummage through it. White one piece, black thong, electric blue thong, red boob top, silver bottom bikini, a maroon lower bikini, a maroon bikini top, the list goes on. "Chicks can't just wear shorts can they?"

Since you'd already found the matching top and bottom in maroon, you decide to go with that. Laying them out together, they actually look pretty hot. You can picture the girl that would be wearing these. Tall, red haired, big breasted woman, with long fit legs. You can't help but get a bit hard thinking about what that silky bottom piece would feel like while stroking her pussy.

Not the time you think. You'll have to fit your cock in there soon enough and three and a half inches soft isn't going to fit well so a full 8 inch hard on doesn't stand a chance of being covered.

Best to start with the bottoms so that you can get your dick used to the feeling and get it retamed before heading back out to the pool. You remove all of your clothes and brace yourself for an embarrassing night. You pull the bottoms up firmly and your chock loves the feel of the material rubbing you. Fuck, your getting fully hard now.

You start to rub yourself through the material. It feels so good. At least if you get off now you've got 20 minutes before you'll be getting hard again. The material is so soft rubbing against your sack and shaft. You start to rub faster and harder. Oh fuck, that's nice. You can't help but picture the redhead. Her long dark red hair falling down your thighs as she bobs up and down on your cock. Her thick plump lips wrapped tightly around your manhood as she goes tip to base. Her long slender fingers cupping and squeezing your balls.

You picture her DD tits bouncing as she really gets into giving you the best head ever. Her other hand is busy playing herself as she slides fingers deep in herself for lubrication and go fast and furious making circles on her enlarged clit.

You erupt down her throat, her eye liner is nicely lined up and her lipstick is a beautiful shade of dark red wine. What an odd thought to have as you cum. A woman's makeup has never done it that much for you in the past. Her tits, her ass, her talking dirty, sure, but never has a woman's makeup helped do you in before. 

Shit, you realize that you just came inside the bottoms. No way that you can wear those caked with cum.


You look down and there's a wet spot, but no huge thick white cream that you expected. You bend more to see, expecting to see your cum higher near the band or even out the top onto your stomach. Oh shit, there isn't even a bulge from your dick. The front of the bikini is flat and smooth. The entire underside is soaked, but not with your thick cream, but with a thinner more watered down cum. It looks like cum from when Wendy full on squirted on you that one time.

"What is going on?" you say aloud. You can even hear the fear in your voice. You lift the bottoms and look in. No dick. No pubs. A very wet tight looking vagina. You look down further. Your legs have lost mass. They still feel powerful, but they are more sleek and slinder. Your feet are smaller. Your toe nails are a dark shade of red. That same red that you were picturing on the woman's lips. "What the fuck is going on?"

"Uh, you alright in there honey?" you hear a lady say from close by. "Honey, are you alright?" she repeats as you can't find any word to reply.

"Um, yeah. I'm alright."

"First time on the island isn't it?"

"I'm sorry ma'am, but I'm not really in a good spot to have a full conversation right now."

"Oh honey, bless your heart. I'll just say that when things happen while you're here is best to just go with it and enjoy life. Sometimes you just have to lighten up and accept the good times."

You hear her wash her hands and the click of her heels as she leaves.

"Lighten up." Even strangers that don't know you are telling you that now. Sure, let's just embrace the suck and show Wendy how "Lightened Up" you can be. WENDY! How are you going to explain this to her?

You look at the bottoms. They are kind of nice. Your ass has filled them out nicely. Actually, they filled your ass out nicely. They were loose when you put them on, but your ass has firmed up, lifted up, and filled out. The sides connect the front and back with the stripes on each side filled with transparent material. Your legs are smooth. No hair at all.

Well, it'll be a fun conversion with Wendy but she can't tell me I have a stick up this tight, firm, grabbable ass. Your hands are already on it before you finish the thought. Your pussy is already wet again. At least you don't have to hide a hard on any more.

You pick up the top. It's nice and big. There is plenty of room to put it on and tie the front. It has laces that tie up the front and you pull it good and tight. Suddenly you feel your chest. Something you've never really been all that aware of. Your nipples are tingling and pushing against the silky top.

The top is shrinking.


It's getting tighter. You scramble to loosen the laces, but your fingers aren't working right. Your eyes are blurry and you have to close them, your stomach is doing flip flops because your freaking out so badly. It's getting harder to breathe until finally the laces relax and you can take a full breathe in. At this point you're layed down on the bench almost hyperventilating, but you try to slow your inhale and the exhale. 

"Focus, " you say to yourself. "Focus, and you'll be just fine." You open your eyes and blink rapidly to clear your vision. Slowly the world comes back.

You look down at the shrinking top and realize it hasn't changed. Your DD breasts couldn't fit in the top with how tight you had it. Your DD... breasts. Oh my. Your long slender fingers make their way under the material for your first exploration. A jolt shoots through you as your finger nails scrap your thick protruding nipples. A moan escapes your lips. It's a sound you've never made before.

You're on your feet startled. Your biceps are gone. No arm hair. Thin wrists. Dainty long fingers with long nails painted the same color as your toes. Your tits are in the way so that you can't even see your feet without bending. "Well, it doesn't get any lighter than this." Your lips moved so you knew it was you talking, but the voice wasn't yours. The bass is gone, the depth was replaced with a smokey seductive purr.

You tighten the laces on the top and notice that before both of the cups had come together, but now there was a good two inches of lace and flesh in between them. You run your hands over your body electrifying your skin. As they drift over your nipples they harden and become very visable through the material.

"In for a penny in for a pound." You look back at the box and see a bag. It's the sort that has the two strings that go over your shoulders and work as a sinch too close the top too. You put your clothes and shoes in immediately and put it on your back. Taking a deep breathe you open the door to the stall for an exciting night.

You walk directly to the full length mirrors and almost have a heart attack. Holy hell! You are a smoking hot Vixen! 5'6" with long dark red hair. Big DSLs painted that same dark wine red as your nails immediately make you think of your fantasy. You are your own wet dream. Doing a slow turn you are in love with your figure. Plump ass, big titties, a flat stomach. Oh my.

It's got to be time to meet Wendy soon and explaining to her what had happened was going to take some time so you'd better get to going. One last look and you notice that you've even got the cat eye liner around your blue eyes. God you look good.

Walking out of the bath house you head directly to the pool and just before you get there you realize that you forgot the box. You sprint back surprised that you haven't lost any of your speed. The box is right where you left it with the black thong suit on top. You look through quickly and find the matching skimpy top to match. Quickly shoving them into your bag you're back pool side in just a minute.


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