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          Donor Wall35

          Marco Boscaini | 21,04 €

          May your heppiness an important goal in your life. Be happy, be kind.

          Paola Ciriaco | 150 €

          Thank you

          Micaela | 100 €

          Grazie per quello che fate :)

          Vasiliki Bourna | 111 €

          Serena Bocchi | 100 €

          Per cambiare il mondo!

          Donald Elliott | 100 €


          Grazie di tutto!

          True Change Global Fund | $1,000

          Glenn Jones

          Amazing work that you are doing! Every person deserves a chance to succeed.

          maria gurrieri | 52,18 €

          Grazie per quello che fate. Siete grandi!


          you guys have just started, pls go ahead, do it for the children and for us too!!

          Martin | 104,10 €

          thank you for your important contribution to teach those innocent minors


          We are two donating together and we find amazing everything you're doing! Thank you so much for the initiative, we wish you the best in every project and will try to make people know you more.

          Martti | 104,10 €/M


          Thank you.

          RUNAR | 104,11 €

          Amico norvegese di Cristina Negri


          Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing. I believe in you! L'essenzale é invisibile agli occhi.

          yang wah | 104,10 €

          Rejoicing in your good work of helping refugees in Greece and elsewhere. A little show of support from Malaysia.

          Penelope Watson-Farrar | 10,64 €/M

          Roberta Parisio | 10,64 €/M

          Mariam | 10,66 €

          Thank you for the amazing work you’re doing to help better the lives of vulnerable children in need.

          Valeria Miglio | £11

          Johannes | 50 €

          I love to see the kindness and passion put into this project creating a loving environment for kids and fighting for more humanity in the bigger context! Continue your amazing work! P.S.: I think it'd be good not having to choose a designation for the donation. I don't know where you'll need it the most at the moment and would like to give you the freedom to designate it wherever it is needed the most.

          Mary Gillmarten | $57.42

          I am making this donation in honor of Erica Ferraroni's birthday!

          ARIANNA SESSINI | 50 €

          Thank you for your generous heart and for having the courage that people like me do not have.

          Lea Maria Rosenkranz | 10 €/M

          Austin Stiegemeier | 100 €

          I was heartbroken to see another fire broke out in the Vathy camp, I hope everyone is safe now. I know Some of the educational work of this organization because of working with Nicoletta Novara to exhibit the “through our eyes” project. I hope my small contribution can help residents of the camp in this extremely difficult time and I appreciate the good work you are all doing together to make some positive in our world. Thank you

          Christiane Dubiel | 100 €

          Nina Talarowski | 52,21 €

          Thank you for your love and all you do. Love from Tina Somers and Nina T