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(We set the Donorbox goal at $6,000 but the all-in whole-hog pie-in-the-sky amount is actually north of 14 large. Not quite sure why we skimped here, to be honest. Embarrassed or something.)

Upgrading the cameras has been the final (and most expensive) phase of the initial multi-year buildout plan, and that's where we are. And ahead of schedule to boot. 

Nearly everything that Stage 33 Live has accomplished - and it's been a lot - has been because you helped... and it just plain makes us uncomfortable to ask you yet again for even more. Last year, we appealed to philanthropic foundations and it was a total bust... but to be fair, though, our applications juggled a bunch of small interrelated projects instead of one big one and were consequently woefully unfocused. So we're trying again, better. We're nothing if not hopeless optimists.

We've quietly added a page with a donation form to the website as groundwork for a fundraising campaign that we hope to avoid. But we're also making it public in case anyone would like to pitch in.

Upgrading to broadcast-quality cinecameras will allow us to produce evergreen, ready-to-air programming for regional radio and television, including public broadcasting networks. This will be the biggest step forward in mission fulfillment, exponentially expanding the breadth and effect of the service by signal-boosting our creatives far beyond their normal reach, and raising the reputation and visibility of Bellows Falls and the surrounding mid-Connecticut River Valley communities.

It will also be a significant move toward institutional sustainability. Well produced, widely disseminated media will be attractive as an underwriting vehicle, which will help address Stage 33 Live’s costs, infuse payroll dollars into the local economy, and establish guarantees for the performers and presenters.

Find more expository dementia on our website, - click the "Camera Fund" icon on the top of any page.

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