Vegan Breakfast Cooking Class

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Join local chef Selas Kidane to learn about how to make delicious and practical meals while maintaining a healthy, balanced plant-based diet. 


Growing up in Eritrea, Ms. Kidane learned about the many ways spices can be used to make food taste good without resorting to oil, salt, and sugar, like so many of us are used to. Along with learning different ways to use spices, we will also learn the benefits of different kinds of whole grains (teff, millet, sorghum, etc.) that contain so many essential nutrients, but that we almost never encounter in the foods most of us who grew up in St. Louis are used to. 


We are lucky to have the opportunity to learn from Chef Kidane, who studied principle of nutrition & researches plant diets from around the world to create multiethnic flavored healthy meal with enhanced cooking techniques. She is also a brilliant chef, and is fully committed to living the vegan lifestyle, is her secret weapon for healthy living. Join us to learn new cooking techniques & how to make the most out of your resources. 

The first session will be:

Tuesday, May 14th

6pm -8pm

at City Greens Market, 4260 Manchester

Tickets are: 

$25 for the general public

$20 for City Greens Members

If you want multiple tickets, multiply the number of tickets by the ticket price and enter total amount in the custom amount.

Available at discounted rates (and free) for clients of Midtown Community Services (come talk to us at the store or at Midtown)

Tickets are non-refundable (if for some reason you can't make it to the April 4th class, you can exchange your tickets for a future class).

Hope to see you there!