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Any amount donated to this campaign goes DIRECTLY to the future adoption fee for this kiddo. #payitforward

Quinn's adoption fee is $450. She also has $94.20 in additional veterinary care.

Pay it Forward 

Each husky in our facility is available for sponsorship! Here is how you can help.  It costs more than $500 to take care of each husky that comes into this facility. That doesn’t include any emergency medical or heartworm treatments, cremations, community service vet relief ect! Oh and let’s not forget the logistics to do the actual rescue. With that $500 and before the dog leaves this facility we have them spayed or neutered, microchipped, all the shots needed plus kennel cough vaccines. We also heartworm test and give each husky a shot that prevents those heartworms for a year. That cost $125-145 just for that shot!! We also provide them with 6 months of flea and tick meds and if they are not adopted but the time it runs out then we will send the husky home with two months worth of prevention, giving the new family time to make an appt and establish a new relationship with their vet.  Here’s is where you step in. We are asking you to donate towards the adoption fees for the new family. If the entire $450 (yes, we spend more than we make) is covered then we ask the new family to make a $125 donation towards another huskies adoption fee. Pay it forward. Help each other out and get more huskies into family-oriented homes. If we exceed our goal, the excess funds will go directly to our vet to pay for our every growing vet bill. 

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