Pay it forward, Photography Exhibition

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Dear friends,

After so many years working in photography I have decided to ask for your help, in a monetary basis. Me myself and I along with a bunch of creative and lovely photographers have initiated a new project and the first milestone in this journey will be to hold a photography exhibition.

Now, as you can imagine, here is where you come into the equation. 

Exhibitions are difficult to run and expensive to fund. Despite that my intention is to print in the highest possible quality to offer the best result to those who buy my work.

All the photographs are limited editions prints in series of 30, numbered, signed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity after the subsequent purchase.

Exhibition budget:

The cost of production of the photographs goes as below:

  1. 60x40 framed print (70x50 in the outside) - 200 euros. - 10 copies
  2. 60x40 prints in canvas non stretched - 100 euros - 10 copies
  3. 60x40 prints in baryta paper - 100 euros. - 10 copies
  4. Venue: 1000 euros - One time payment
  5. Marketing 500 euros. - Estimated.

Total estimated budget: 5500 euros.

I have already invested 1000 euros of my own.

Why am I doing this?

Through the power of the crowd and my own work, I want to create a movement where your donations to this crowdfunding campaign will be spread and subsequently grow into different directions, organically, sort of a pay it forward act of kindness.

How am I going to do this?

With your help and your donation I will run an independent exhibition where (hopefully) I will sell the prints and generate profit. 

As my print costs will be 0 - or close to that - thanks to you, I will be able to also make affordable for anyone interested in the arts and photography to buy a limited edition print by reducing the prices.

What about the profits then?

The profits will serve to empower another artist/photographer to run their independent exhibition,
I will donate and help other artist in the same way that you are helping me now, offering them a grant to print/buy materials for a new exhibition.

I will be documenting, step by step, the progress I make with the exhibition and I will publish financials, invoices and related costs. 

In addition I will offer a certificate of authencity to the buyers and I will erase the digital files that belong to these series once they are all sold, in other words, the only existing copies of the photographs will be those owned by the buyers.

If and when the prints are sold I will also p name of the selected artist that will receive the profits, so you can follow both journeys, this journey, eventually will become a series of blog posts as the condition for each artist is to follow the same rules.

Pay it forward.

This idea has been going in my mind for a long time. I've been always a bit afraid of putting it out there, it never seemed like the right time but today, this is changing. Photography and art in general should be a rewarding process full of solidarity among creators, I hope this humble attempt will be a step forward to help that cause.

I can't really express how amazing will be to put the Pay it forward Photography Exhibition project in motion with your collaboration.

If you have any questions, or you need any help just give me a shout, I'll be happy to expand on this.

Would you support me in this journey? Would you be my backer, my sponsor, my hero!?