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Now you can support Daniel Dreamgazer while you sponsor a youth.

The purpose of Daniel Dreamgazer is to spread to word of God through the creative means of illustrated storytelling. 

I have been given a great opportunity to be able speak at Manhattan Christian Academy and I will be doing live storytelling using the Daniel Dreamgazer illustrations. I want to bring enough books to give away as gifts to these young people. The teacher in charge of chapel there informed me that they would need 62 books to have enough for everyone. On October 29, 2021 we donated 62 copies of book 1: In A Strange Land. We plan on returning there to present Daniel chapter 2: The Man With the Golden Head and Lord willing future chapters as well.

Thousands of dollars have already have been spent to produce this series. It will cost thousands of dollars more to print more books. So your donations make a huge difference to keep Daniel Dreamgazer alive. 

If you donate here, not only are you supporting us, but you are sponsoring a young person to receive a book.

Here is the breakdown of how many books your gift will provide:

Donation AmountQuantityUnit Price

When the books are given they will be labeled with a personal message from you. Why? Because a personal touch makes a difference. So make sure to mention your name and the message you want to be labeled on the book.

Example: "Although I have not met you, I care about you and wanted to gift you this book." -From Alice

(please limit to a maximum of 30 words)

So that's right. If you are sponsoring 15 young people to get a book, then those 15 books will be labeled with your message. Your words can encourage these young people.

You will also receive a digital copy of the book that is donated.

If we raise more than our goal than we will either donate the extra books at the next event at Manhattan Christian Academy. If for some reason there isn't a next event, then those donations will go to the Children's Village Sponsor Youth Program. We will make sure to inform you incase that happens and if you would want a refund.

So please consider Sponsoring a Young Person Today.

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Sponsor A Young Person Today

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