THANK YOU for donating to the #SordidLiveStream Benefit! 

ALL DONATIONS to the Del Shores Foundation between now, the livestream and June 4 will go to this benefit.  100% of the proceeds from donations and the auction will be divided equally among the 23 non-profit theatres associated with The Del Shores Foundation.

To see a list of those theatre companies, return to the Del Shores Foundation website HERE

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      Donor Wall229

      Gregg Deneweth | $33.63

      Thanks Del and Emerson for all the hard work you did to make this happen and thanks to all the actors for an incredible performance.

      MELANIE POWELL | $32.09

      In honor & loving memory of Mark Ivan, whose heart belonged to the theater.

      Steven Cupo | $156.07

      SO happy you did this for, not only the theatre community, but for the LBGTQ community as well! We had a GREAT time!

      Olivia Newton-John | $2,000

      With love and support for all you do my friend.

      Lee Bright | $100

      I played Reverend Barnes in 2 productions here in Puerto Vallarta Was a long time fan before getting the chance to act in the play

      Harvey Lewis | $33.63

      Truly enjoyed watching the Live Reading on Sunday. See you in PS sometime.

      Megan Cheek | $33.63

      Thank you for all you do!

      ANN WALKER-SUSSKIND | $104.15


      It was a fabulous event. The fact that family members of the cast were chatting as wells as cast members from other casts were shouting out to one another made it one big party.


      We love theater and are happy to help!

      Beverlee DeMello | $259.92

      Anonymous | $15.89

      For Vera’s LUUUUUUG NUTS

      Louis Schwebius | $104.15

      Thanks for the laughter and for the opportunity to give some assistance to smaller theaters.

      Neal Hunter Hyde | $54.40

      Love y’all! Thanks for doin what you’re doing to support live theatre across the country.

      Polly | $33.63

      Thank you for doing this. I love your work and I love the Circle Theater in Fort Worth TX

      Cindy Tingley | $32.09

      Joe Enright | $132.09

      The live stream, such a ball! Hilarity on crack.

      Karen Drennan | $5

      I LOVE LOVE LOVED it! I only wish I had more to donate. I live on social security alone so there’s not much wiggle room every month. On the other hand, I can’t bear the thought of ANY small theatre not being able to stay open. I know $5 isn’t going to keep the doors open but maybe it’s a drop in a bigger bucket? Thank you guys SO MUCH for bringing back such wonderful memories of my favorite movie! Karen Drennan @only1karen

      Sharon | $200

      Love you all so much. This. Was. AMAZING! Miss you, my wonderful theatre pals. Let's get back to our WORK!

      Stephen Stockley | $33.63

      Thank you for a great evening s d for supporting live theatre! xoxo Steve and Brian (married 2019, together 36 yrs)

      Corrine Bell | $100

      Loved the performances tonight 💕

      Mary Bentley | $54.40

      What a wonderful evening! Thank you ALL so much! I've probably seen the movie 20 times, and have gone to TNT in Birmingham, Alabama to see the play at least twice. LOVE IT! Ya'll are the greatest! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      David Smalley | $33.63

      Les Holben | $500


      Kevin McAnarney | $10.70

      Cara Van Dijk | $33.63

      Great job! Really fun! Thanks for supporting small theatres!

      lindsay fussell | $33.63

      Tony | $104.15

      Thank y'all for helping us help theaters. And thanks to Del and all cast members for bringing healing laughter into our lives. We need it now more than ever.

      Jason | $32.09

      Thanks for spreading some joy during such challenging times. #BlackLivesMatter