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SolidarityINFOService launched during the historic Teamsters strike at UPS in 1997. It provides news, analysis, commentary, infographics, photos and videos in service to the movements for economic, racial, ethnic, gender, cultural and environmental justice, labor and human rights, peace and anti-militarism, and other progressive social struggles.  

The most recent memes are featured on the “Latest Post“ page. 

You are welcome to use these memes, so long as you do so consistent with the progressive values and mission of SIS, and credit SolidarityINFOService as the source. If you or your organization make regular use of them, a contribution would be appreciated ($10-25 per use suggested). All memes are subject to Creative Commons license.  Use, share, revise – but not for commercial purposes. Contact SIS if you have questions, suggestions or comments.

If you value this work and want to keep it going, a donation in whatever amount you can afford will be greatly appreciated ($25-$50/year suggested). 

SolidarityINFOService is an unincorporated sole proprietorship owned by Michael Eisenscher. Donations are not tax deductible but are an act of progressive political commitment.