Smart Waste, Kenya

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The Smart Waste fund raising campaign is part of The Cape to Kapp Project - my solo bicycle adventure from South Africa to Norway. Click here to learn all about it!

Smart Waste, Kenya

Waste is a global challenge, the recent discovery of a beached and dying Cuvier’s Beaked Whale in Norway with its stomach filled to the brim with plastic is a visceral reminder of the scale and seriousness of this issue. It even had someone’s chocolate wrapping in its stomach! That brings it home for me. Let’s change this!

In Nairobi, Kenya, like so many other places, if you want to recycle and add value to your waste it is burdensome to almost impossible to find an affordable recycler. Most of the city’s residents end up burning or illegally dumping their waste. TakaTaka Solutions works to change the waste landscape in the city by providing affordable waste management services – recycling and composting 90% of the 10 tonnes of waste they collect every day. In the process, they daily turn over 4 tonnes of organic waste into compost, create over 80 jobs to underprivileged youths, reduce infectious and respiratory diseases caused by illegally dumped trash or the burning of it, supply high-quality natural fertilizer to farmers and reduce carbon emissions. 

These dedicated and enthusiastic ‘trash beaters’ aim to upscale their services to 80 000 residents, recycle 20 tonnes of waste per day, create 200 jobs and reduce 25 000 tonnes of CO2. I can’t wait to meet them en route! You got trash? Want to support them? Put your money here to make the world a better place!

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