Silenced no more

So as you know by now they got what they wanted and had me removed but I most certainly haven’t gone. It’s more important to me now than ever before to stand up and be heard but I can’t do it on my own. If anyone wants to contribute then they can do it here as PayPal also shut me down. I am going to keep speaking out against what I believe to be injustices and supporting the causes that I have so much passion for and genuinely appreciate the support that you have all continued with for me. I honestly couldn’t do this without it. 

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When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.. Doing good work.

Aston | £2

Thanks Jams for having balls. Please look into the abuse of the most vulnerable of our society who are being denied a life by the DWP. I have been in a battle with the DWP for nearly two years re the transition to PIP. When one spends nearly 18 months getting some of the moneys reinstated. The DWP routinely cut off the employment support. Leaving us with about £53 a week to live off. By the way I am a born and bred brit who has paid into the system for many years. My story is very long. On christmas eve i got a bill for £28,000 plus for an over payment. I have to pay it back. I broke none of the rules. It was decided by a bureaucrat that i have never met. My journey to this point is a story of lies, intimidation and threats. Also a bloke name of Abdul (DWP) employee told me "it don't matter if you are British.," I have the transcript on cd of the coercion and trickery i had to put up with. PS big shout to Geoffry Cox mp for his help in this matter.

Anthony | £8

what? white working class men having the brazen gaul to publicly challenge and even actually disagree with their middle class liberal betters? what has become of Britain? infamy ! infamy ! implying people are nazis? taste of one's own medicine remoaner?

Bedwetter James | £2

This £2 will cover your fries for tonight's dinner from McDonald's. You might need to borrow £0.99 from mummy for the cheeseburger though. How can you call yourself working class? You live on benefits funded by hard working British families and spend British tax payer funds standing outside of parliament shouting fascist abuse at elected MP's. You don't represent British values. You will be investigated by HMRC. You are the most hated man in this country at the moment.

Emma kerr | £25

Jordan Kelliher | £2

There wasn’t this fuss when they went to moggs house 😡

Matthew | £2

Can I have some change please?

Gerrie and Mike Collishaw | £10

Wish we could give you more you well deserve it James your doing such a good job behind you all the way

John Stonelee | £10

Keep up the good work James and don't let them silence you

Valerie | £20

Blessings, James.

Paul | £8

Keep up the good work James!! Politicians aren't listening to the people. They treat us lime thickos!! We will have our day!!

Andy | £5