Silenced no more

So as you know by now they got what they wanted and had me removed but I most certainly haven’t gone. It’s more important to me now than ever before to stand up and be heard but I can’t do it on my own. If anyone wants to contribute then they can do it here as PayPal also shut me down. I am going to keep speaking out against what I believe to be injustices and supporting the causes that I have so much passion for and genuinely appreciate the support that you have all continued with for me. I honestly couldn’t do this without it. 

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Donor Wall132

Anonymous | £50

Jamie has much bravery but little money, yet we have the monies but not his bravery. It is a pleasure to assist his improving attempts to show Total integrity and intolerance to Disrespectfulness and Intolerance. Dr Karl Popper would approve.

Stevw | £5


justin harford | £10

Good luck, mate.


Keep up the fight and try to avoid the traps they may set you.

Jan | £10

Thanks for standing up for the voters who wanted to get out of the EU dictatordhip, and other injustices, sorry you and family is paying a price

Rob | £40

Doing my bit for a free and sovereign Britain.

Helen Smith | £5

Your doing fantastic James, im so proud of you. Stay strong.💪🏻

Dee Allen | £40

I believe in you and you have my support.


Kim | £20

Angie Bosek | £40

Anonymous | £5

No Surrender James

Gerrie and Mike | £10

Don’t let them get to you James your doing a fantastic job we love you thank you Gerrie and Mike xxxx

Deborah Freedom | £10


hope this helps with any bail accommodation costs

Sarah | £20

Randy Lahey | £10

Justice for all.

John | £10

James Keep up the good work


James I am a Veteran of some 25 years Service. I fought for Democracy. Our inalienable rights are being eroded daily. I support you & the full restoration of our Constitution. I hope to Meet up with you soon. Good luck!


Disgusted by the way the Government are using the Police and criminal system to persecute you.

George | £10

Stay strong, James. We are with you.

Martin Schofield | £10

Keep strong James, you are %100 in the right 👍👍

Elizabeth Taylor | £10

Onwards and upwards James we are winning!.

Annie O’sUllivan | £20

Tom Forrest | £2

James. Well done for being an alcoholic, benefit scrounger who threatens women. You truly are an embarrassment to all the good people of this country.

Evren | £30

I commend you on your excellent work pissing off Anna Soubry. Best of luck for the future.

Warwick Reedman | £8

Don’t let the bastards beat ya mate...power to the people 👍

Declan | £40

Dont let the bastards get you down

Paul Wilkinson | £10

The more the globalists try to silence us the louder we shout