Silenced no more

So as you know by now they got what they wanted and had me removed but I most certainly haven’t gone. It’s more important to me now than ever before to stand up and be heard but I can’t do it on my own. If anyone wants to contribute then they can do it here as PayPal also shut me down. I am going to keep speaking out against what I believe to be injustices and supporting the causes that I have so much passion for and genuinely appreciate the support that you have all continued with for me. I honestly couldn’t do this without it. 

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Donor Wall132

Esther Holdcroft | £5

Good Luck James x

Elliott Jackson | £5

You and Miss Tracy have earned my respect! God save the Queen and get justice for the boys!

Joyce | £10

Hope this helps A little James, keep up the good work

Scott Edwards | £20

An inspiration to us all wears his heart on his sleeve and puts his life on the line wish I could help u more

peter | £10

Hi James keep up the good fight, and thank you for putting yourself on the line for the true British people. Regards

Anonymous | £10

this is only going to get bigger god bless you and tommy

Neil england | £10

All the best pal hop this helps

Carole Howard | £5

Saw you on Saturday James at Salford thank you for all you do

christopher | £15

James | £20

Hope to see you in London one day.

Valerie Stroud | £20

Best of luck, James.

mandy | £10

get england great again james

Ryan | £5

Good luck, Goddard.

Peter | £10

Like Tommy Robinson, yet another true Brit being persecuted by the Stasi state. I'm more than happy to give a donation to your courageous stand.

Thomas | £20

It's not much but hope it helps. Chin up James we will beat them in the end.

HUGH | £5

Keep going James

Gerrie and Mike | £10

Hope all goes well for you James. we really need more people like you a true hard working young man Behind you all the way xxxx

Karen Jenkins | £10

Hi James I am donating to you as I think you are awesome and love what you do you have a big heart! I met you on Saturday in Manchester and had a photo taken with you. It’s not much hun but I will share this and encourage others to donate too keep up the fight xx

George Cowie | £10

Anonymous | £20

Keep going J .. these mafia traitors are on course to destroy us.. I've no money and kids under 6 years..It upsets me tremendously to see what a world my poor kids will be in.. we need more and more of you.. all the very best..

Paul Andrews | £5

Good luck and never give up

Michele Canon | £20

Richard Slicker | £20

It's important for all of us that you win the Soubry case. If politicians can have us arrested simply for asking them questions robustly we might as well give up. I really hope prison isn't seriously on the cards - we mustn't let that happen either. Hope the two week break helps you recover all the best.

Amanda Smith | £20

Thinking about you James. I’m behind you always. 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Linda Young | £10

Why are Brexiteers called far right? The left who lost the vote are the violent ones and are the trouble makers. James is a patriot and gets my full support.

christopher | £10

You can destroy those who speak the truth, but you cannot destroy the truth itself. Talga Vassternich

Lisa Pilliner | £10

I will gladly donate as what James is doing for our country is amazing we need more men like him a very couragious young man and what the police are doing is absolutley disgusting and no doubt against the law nothing but government and EU puppets bunch of cunts the lot of em, you keep going James were all behind ya 110% god bless!!!💙

Dave | £20

Yvb support you James riding with Tracy .protecting.💪

Jacqueline Harkins | £10

Keep up the fight, we are with you, NO SURRENDER

donna | £10

Thank you James for everything you are doing, I would love to get to London but I am disabled and cannot walk far, but i will support you and everyone by sharing and helping in any way i can, so proud of you and love to Tracey xx