Silenced no more

So as you know by now they got what they wanted and had me removed but I most certainly haven’t gone. It’s more important to me now than ever before to stand up and be heard but I can’t do it on my own. If anyone wants to contribute then they can do it here as PayPal also shut me down. I am going to keep speaking out against what I believe to be injustices and supporting the causes that I have so much passion for and genuinely appreciate the support that you have all continued with for me. I honestly couldn’t do this without it. 

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James, I hope this helps in your fight for free speech for yourself and your countrymen, from the USA.

Mike | £5

Can't afford any more James but all the best of luck Btw You'll owe me a pint so that's most of the fiver gone already!

David | £5

Gerrie and Mike | £10

Love and best wishes James don’t let them get you down your clearly doing something right

Abi | £20

I don't agree with how you are being treated by the authorities especially over your bail conditions being dropped before court. Good Luck at court, will be looking out for an update. Stay strong. ❤

Anthony Ward | £10

God bless James thought you'd lost donorbox as well lol - hopefully i can make it for y.v. demo in next few months, keep up the good work fella

mark | £40

your,e appreciated m8 stay strong

Andrew Davis | £20

Hope you continue your efforts mate. The more of us standing up to the current corrupt system system the better for the country

Gary Cochrane | £10

We will fight these lecherous,treacherous mp' s till death.No surrender!!!!

dianne heraghty | £8

Just found your page & subscribed. Keep up the great work

Jerome Obba | £15

Stay strong, best wishes from Australia.

Andrew Street | £40

Good luck

Philip | £50/M

Any time James you are doing so many good deeds. It's the least I can do for you

Mark Corby | £10

Keep going fella. Don't let the bastards win.

Anonymous | £8

Anna Soubry is not a valid MP as she got LESS than 52% of the vote.

Mike JW

Hi James, I admire your determination; you're a man after my own heart. Some of us have been carrying the torch for many years and we've been demonised for upholding our Constitutional Common Law of the Land, which has been usurped by traitors. You will never get justice in their corrupt courts, under their corrupt rules. You must represent yourself and invoke Common Law Jurisdiction. Please read the tweets on the Twitter page of THE BRITISH VOICE - @TBVBritishVoice. Yesterday, we posted in-depth info as to how to deal with the anti-British traitors who want to silence us. The heading is: Learn to Protect yourself as a Master (not a Mr, as you are nobody’s slave) within our Constitutional Common Law of the Land.... “I DON’T CONSENT”

Mike Kennedy | £10

The whole of the Western world is in a very dark place, it will be beople like you reintroduce sunshine.

leslie | £20

we must win this war, lest we all crumble

Phil | £25

Jamie, please establish channels on,, to draw your supporters away from the fascist Facebook,Twitter, Paypal axis. We need regular updates, weekly would be good. Keep smiling :-)

Michael | £10

Good luck James. Keep fighting against the corrupt, establishment and treacherous 'elite' 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Stevw | £10

My pension is small but this is worth it mate. Good luck.


Chin up James. A few quid to help mate. You have more support than you know. Cheers Terence (University Lecturer- Semi Retired)

Jean Teese | £10

David Warbrick | £8

Good luck James, don't let the B'stards grind you down.

Andrew Woodward | £8

Tracy Deacon | £10

kenneth darby | £20

I have admired your patriotism over the last few months James and although a pensioner I feel I need to help as much as I can. I wish you well for the future young man and please take care.

Michael | £10

Steve Parkinson | £5

Write that book James, while you are in the lime light... it will lead to more light and funds for your cause. Regards and good luck.

Janet | £20

Good luck, James. I can't believe what is happening to freedom in this country so we must support people like you who are brave enough to make a stand.