(January 25, 2019)

Orlando, WE MADE IT!


Thank you for all the incredible outpour of love and support when we asked from our heart. Everyone who helped us and donated will be receiving some super exclusive perks, TBA.

To prepare ourselves for an upgrade, it’s important we take some time to reorganize internally and refocus our mission to ensure when we come back full force, we’re doing everything as intelligently and positively as possible for our communities. Please keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for SIGT events and exclusive giveaways while we’re loading …

I’ll see you at the shows … the Shows I Go To.




(January 7, 2019)

Over the past six weeks, we’ve been doing anything and everything we can to raise money to keep Shows I Go To alive. I want to start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has helped and stepped up to support us in this massive test strength and love. We have made an incredible amount of progress in such a short amount of time. I see and feel Shows I Go To is not only very alive in our community (and more than ever!), but with a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication we can do anything. Having these fundraising events and spending time with all the people who want and NEED us to succeed has filled me with light and given me the HOPE I need to push on through whatever the next year has in store for me. I know there is a lot of curiosity surrounding where the sudden need for all this money and support came from and finally I am ready to sit down and shed some light on what has been going on behind the scenes, because now more than ever I feel I have the support of a community that has only good intentions of helping me make things right. 

In 2018 we put on a music festival maybe some of you heard about and maybe some of you went to. We poured all the time and money we had into this event to make it a success, and while it was a beautiful and moving night, on paper it netted us a great loss. In order to quickly pay off my contractual obligations, I had no choice but to reluctantly go to my parents and ask for an 8k loan. The loan came at a much higher cost. The agreement I signed when I received the money specifically states I work for my stepdad for one year to pay off my debts, move to Ocala, and stop SIGT, effective January 15. I accepted this as a challenge to see what all my years of hard work nurturing a community of giving, could in turn, give back to me.

Many of you know I have already begun working for my stepdad and I’m writing this in his truck on the way to Miami, where I will be working with him and his crew until Friday. This job is janitorial at its root — cleaning bathrooms, waxing floors, taking out trash — and is overnights (6pm - 8am) at warehouses all over Florida. It’s not fun. If this is what my fate has in store, I will lose SIGT. Part of me feels it is time for me to swallow my remaining pride, put my head down, and do the work I hate more than anything to pay my dues. But a MUCH STRONGER part of me refuses to give up on my passion and sees an undeniable need for what we do and it clearly screams our strength in numbers can fix it. We cannot jeopardize all the hard work and friendships and just overall AWESOMENESS which is the beating heart of the SIGT community.

Between all the generous donations, picking up side gigs, and having fundraiser shows, we’ve made it over half way to our goal so far. Our new goal is only 4k by January 15th. This is no small feat, but the HOPE in my heart tells me, with a little miracle, this IS POSSIBLE. 

My options are very simple — 1.) I move to Ocala and work off my debt, cleaning floors and toilets per my contract I signed, or 2.) I fight against the current, make some big waves, and SAVE SIGT!

For this heart I love I will not EVER cease to fight.

Be a part of reaching this goal to save SIGT here:


So … what’s next?

THIS: I still have to move out on Jan 15th. I was going to leave town. I turned around. I’m staying in Orlando and I’ll ride couches till I find the funds to afford a permanent place of my own. I’m having a big yard sale this Sunday (yes, a yard sale — 1424 Pinecrest Place). If you want to help here, please donate things we could sell to raise money towards our goal. RSVP:

THIS: My friends Universal Funk Orchestra  put together a SIGT Benefit House Show on Saturday, February 16 at 1206 41st St, Orlando, FL 32839. We’ll be accepting donations at the door and there will be a donation bar, a champagne toast, the world premiere of the new UFO video & single for “HumanAlien,” and a ton of SIGT memorabilia (and a famous drunk Mitch speech). RSVP here for guestlist:

THIS: We’re building a bridge between martial arts and music — Orlando Strongman Competition featuring 5 incredible bands to perform while Strongman events, such as a semi truck pull, car deadlift, and rolling thunder, are simultaneously happening. This is an all ages free event to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida. Saturday, February 9 from 11am - 5pm at Broken Strings Brewery, 1012 West Church Street. We do things like this because we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of a thriving and symbiotic Orlando music and arts community. RSVP:

For now I leave you with a promise to fight. Thank you all for your love and support. YOU ARE THE “I” IN SHOWS I GO TO.

Always a fighter for love,

Mitch Foster.



(December 3, 2018)

Dear Orlando,

It’s with big brick hearts, we announce we’re shutting down in January due to lack of funds to keep this soul alive.

Since 2013, we’ve given out over 10,000 free concert tickets to shows and festivals. We’ve provided over 100 writers and photographers a platform to express themselves creatively and grow. We’re raised money for many charitable causes — The Bataclan Paris Attack Victims, Pulse Foundation, Orlando City Soccer Foundation, To Write Love On Her Arms, The Center Orlando, Planned Parenthood, and more. We’ve helped many artists and musicians get a start here in Orlando and introduced some rad out-of-town bands to our community.

This holiday season, please consider donating to Shows I Go To, where every dollar goes right back into the music scene. Our goal is only $8000. If we’re able to raise this, we can get back on our feet and help keep this beautiful community alive. <3

You are the “I” in Shows I Go To. Together, we make this heartbeat race.


Mitch Foster,

Founder & CEO

Shows I Go To

P.S. come out to our NYE Party & Benefit & Donate to the bar & door!


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        Donor Wall14

        Stephen Cagnina | $50

        Thank you for all you have done for the local scene.

        Kim Johnston | $10

        Jade Johnston | $50

        Kim Cissel | $25

        You’ve got this! I believe in you! Love Kim!

        Shelby Duncan | $20

        Ya’ll are great and deserve to get back on your feet and continue. You guys helped me create amazing memories going to shows. Wish I could give more around the holidays. Wishing you luck and I’ll keep sharing!

        Chase Bauduin | $50

        Rock n' Roll, babyyyy

        Ken | $20

        Thank you from kenny buckalew And Katie Marie We appreciate all you've done for us and hope to see you thrive in the future. Thanks for the amazing experinces!

        Kylee | $20

        Don’t leave us!!

        Nautilus Roasting Co | $100

        Keep SITG alive!

        Blaise | $40

        Theo | $20

        Croix Provence


        Beartoe Aguilar