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Running Shamida is not all about feeding and playing with the children and babies.  (This is the fun bit!)  

There is also a lot of administration work that goes on behind the scenes.  There is mountains of official paperwork that must be kept up to date, essential to allow Shamida to keep its license.  

Children arrive at Shamida, often with no possessions and scant paperwork.  The paperwork that we do have must be carefully recorded, maintained and keep up to date.  For these children, these documents can be their only link to the past.  

Internet access, and indeed electricity, is not a given at Shamida.  We work with what we have and do our best.  

In order to make this job run much more smoothly, we really need the following:

- Printer and ink

- Landline Portable Phone

- Desktop/Laptop

Unfortunately items like this are difficult to get in Ethiopia.  It's not just a matter of going down the road to the department store!  They are expensive, or we have to bring them in from elsewhere, paying tax on the whole process.  However, they are essential if we are to keep Shamida running smoothly. 

Please help us get set up to run Shamida as efficiently and professionally as we can.