Scooter's Scouts

We have three different sponsorship levels to choose from. Scooter's Scouts are at our lowest level of care, which is $25 a month. You will receive a wristband and a monthly newsletter with this sponsorship choice. The seniors that fit into this category are much more independent, are still relatively healthy, and just need basic care. Such as, dentals and a basic arthritis med. Scooter is a wonderful role model for this category.

You can read Scoooters story below!
We remember Scooter for the brave, happy little soul that he was. Scootie came to us 8 months ago when his Mom could no longer take care of him. He was a 15 yr old mini Dachshund.

Scooter quickly bonded to Valerie, almost instantly. He was nothing but love. Who couldn't adore those big giant eyes and sweet, silly toothy grin? Scooter was 100% lovebug. All he wanted was snuggles and food, 100% of the time.

When Scooter first came to us his teeth were so rotten and infected. Dr. Levin removed 24 of his teeth. After healing Scoots was a brand new weenie and had fresher breath. He did well for a few months. Was Valerie's constant companion and bestie. He went everywhere. The grocery store, bank, post office, and boutiques. Scoots was the celebrity around town. Everyone knew him 💗

Unfortunately, not having dental care for his life, it had already wreaked havoc on his heart creating damage. It was too late. Scoots was diagnosed with CHF - Congestive Heart Failure. The teeth are the gateway to your pets health. We put Scooter on every heart medicine that we could, buying him more time. Valerie pampered him and cared for him, whatever he needed. Scootie was so very loved. He had many fans, friends, and people all over the world who adored his sweet little heart.

Scooter was a trooper, he carried on. He was our project manager for the building and made sure work was being done. He never missed a day on the job. Adored being held, loved investigating the outdoors, and snoozing in Valerie's lap. He only wanted to be where everyone was. Scooter was a social butterfly and he also loved squeaky toys.

Scooter unfortunately was working against the inevitable. His heart was giving out. Day by day we could see him slowing and there was nothing we could do but love him and bring comfort. If he was with Valerie, he was home. Because his heart was weakening it could not keep the fluid off of it. He also developed pnuemonia and we knew he could not fight it and would not recover. Valerie began giving him breathing treatments and watching him so very closely. Scoots was looking for comfort and the only comfort we could give was peace. With a reluctant heart Valerie planned for Dr. Levin to come to the sanctuary. He deserved to pass at home. He slept every night in Valerie's bed and that is also where he was set free. He passed in her arms being held the entire time. Rocked, talked to, and cried over. Scooter forever made an imprint on Valerie's heart. This little cute weenie had come right after she had lost our wonderful giant Daisy Dane. His tiny body was no comparison for the amount of love he gave. Scooter was a healer. Even though we help and save the seniors they often times end up rescuing our hearts.

We are forever grateful for this mini Dachshund. Who had a bigger than life personality and loved on everyone. Whoever wanted love he took them up on it. Valerie walked him all the way home and set him free. He brought sunshine on so many hard days and that is what we will remember. Scooter was love.

Thank you, sweet boy for healing our hearts and sharing your love with us. You will always, always be treasured 💗🌈🐶😘🐾😢

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